2021's Trendy Threads

By Samantha Chang

Although the new year seems to have just begun, the 2021 fashion scene is already in full swing. In past months, with masks and COVID-19, fashion and outerwear have taken on greater meaning as outlets for creativity and self-expression. Recent fashion trends are reminiscent of the past and are being influenced by social media, influencers, as well as popular TV shows.

Currently, one of the most popular trends is the revival of all things “vintage,” incorporating styles from the ‘90s and the early 2000s. Baggy and oversized pants, classic layered crewnecks, and micro sunglasses are absolute essentials for this revived look.

Sources from Emma Fager

Some of senior Emma Fager's favorite outfits feature denim and layered clothing.

“Some of my favorite aspects of fashion from decades prior include oversized jackets and jeans, Doc Martens and hair clips,” said senior Emma Fager.

One feature of the trend is its versatility and gender-neutrality. By simply swapping accessories such as a mini shoulder bag for a gold chain or watch, more people can participate in the trend.

“I’m so happy the trends from my high school days are coming back in style! Animal print, flared jeans, platform shoes… Literally, it’s like the ‘90s and 2000s threw up in 2020 and 2021,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Salcedo.

“The foreseen color arrangement for the new year poses an interesting shift from the recent, commonly worn neutral colors and tones such as brown, tan, lilac, and sage...”

Although achieving a vintage look may be as easy as going into a parent’s closet, many teens are thrifting as a way to find popular items for a fraction of the cost.

“Firstly, I think that thrifting allows us to be more sustainable and by choosing to buy second hand clothing, it can help reduce waste and the impact on the environment. Thrifting is super accessible, and because of that, I’ve seen a growing popularity of interest in clothing which in itself has influenced the popularity of fashion from the ‘90s. Lots of second-hand wear are considered vintage and many people like to indulge into that look,” said junior Ethan Pineda.

Sources from Ethan Pineda

Junior Ethan Pineda shows off his outfits inspired by the '90s, including large and oversized pants with basic white sneakers.

Even though fashion from the ‘90s is booming, it is not the only throwback style that has captivated recent attention.

The fashion depicted in popular Netflix shows such as “Bridgerton” and “Emily in Paris” has inadvertently made its way into this year’s stylistic trends. “Bridgerton,” which is set in the early 1800s, reflects a debutante lifestyle where high fashion reigns supreme. With the show heavily featuring extravagant and ornate ball gowns, it is not a surprise that elegant, tulle maxi-dresses are anticipated to be a hit this upcoming season for prom or other formal events. Additionally, corset tops, which are reminiscent of the regency era, have become a recent phenomenon with their daintiness and poise.

Compared to “Bridgerton,” the show “Emily in Paris” offers a much more modern outlook on fashion society. The show highlights a stark contrast between old and new fashion and the styles of America versus France. Specifically, the color schemes shown through the attire of the characters and the fashion shows in the series itself, reflect the predicted patterns of 2021: bright colors and monochrome. Black and white outfits, which are symbolic of traditional fashion, emphasize both simplicity and refinement with the duality of light and dark. On the other hand, bright colors such as fuchsia and blood orange, which represent contemporary fashion, are bold, vivacious, and captivating. The foreseen color arrangement for the new year poses an interesting shift from the recent, commonly worn neutral colors and tones such as brown, tan, lilac, and sage.

Despite being in a global pandemic, fashion culture is continuing to thrive and unify people, especially with the addition of masks as a universal accessory.