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Couples in Quarantine

By Rayva Gupta and Michelle Mathew

February is a popular month for couples; however, due to quarantine this year, some things just are not the same.

Many relationships that find themselves to be long distance may be in their most difficult stages during the pandemic. The inability to interact as much as couples may have used to has placed some degree of strain on relationships. On one hand, the abundance of time for couples to spend together virtually may be beneficial for couples to get to know each other on a deeper level. But on the other hand, this same reason may also cause couples to realize that they may not want to be together at all. As a whole, this pandemic has caused different levels of stress on many relationships.

One negative effect of the quarantine is that couples may feel “worn out.” Others may use time to also find out that their relationship may be toxic when they may have been blind to it prior. Due to the fact that many couples are not able to visit each other, they tend to face some issues in finding time for each other. This can especially stem from couples normally seeing each other physically rather than having an emotional connection through computer screens.

Source by Gregory Marzano

For a virtual date, junior James Marzano video calls junior Lauren DiGregorio on Discord while watching "Cars 2."

Aside from the potential drawbacks, some relationships are able to make the best use of this time. Many couples are now able to discover problems and mend them, and newer relationships now have more time to expand. The heavy use of technology has also acted as a mode of communication that makes long FaceTime calls an option for couples to connect. The opportunity to foster a deep connection is crucial during these tough times; relying on a significant other to stay positive and offer support remains vital for a relationship as a whole.

“Being in a relationship during the pandemic has definitely been hard. It takes a lot more patience and communication and really has to be perfect, which isn’t always easy. You have to reassure each other a lot and stay positive since it’s really easy to let the negative energy that this pandemic has created get to things like relationships. Being in a relationship during this time has definitely helped me stay positive and keep going even when times get tough,” said senior Nicolette Caneda.

Being in a relationship during this time has definitely helped me stay positive and keep going even when times get tough...

These times have allowed couples to go to places like the beach, open parks, and other places to follow social distancing guidelines while still having fun. During these times, couples have also gotten more creative with date ideas. They have taken advantage of the virtual aspects of quarantine to do fun activities together. These activities can range from doing simple face masks together, virtual dinner dates, creating artwork, and movie nights all from their phones.

“We are staying connected through technological means. Lauren and I try to find computer games that we could play together. Finding shared hobbies that we would both enjoy was a big help in staying close even from our own homes,” said junior James Marzano.

Overall, virtual activities are a simple way to strengthen a couple's bond and allow them to get to know each other even better.


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