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Gladiator Giveaway Winners

During the pandemic, it is necessary for students to focus on the silver linings in order to stay positive, while social distancing restricts many from seeing their loved ones and cancels many of the activities that they were looking forward to throughout the school year.

To keep students engaged and connected and to give the students a chance at winning fun items to lift their spirits, The Chariot held a giveaway on its Instagram page. All students currently attending NHP were eligible to enter. By liking a post, following the Instagram page, and commenting about what their favorite part of NHP is, students were given an entry into the giveaway and winners were selected randomly. Three winners will receive a @spotifysnaps glass poster with the song of their choice, a Bath and Body Works stress relief candle, a mask from @merakihandcraftshop, which is a sustainable Black-owned small business, and a $20 gift card for Kung Fu Tea, Starbucks, or Dunkin' Donuts.

Source by Saanvi Mirchandani

Each winner of the giveaway will receive all three items above.

Students had many positive comments to say about New Hyde Park Memorial.

“I think I love the balance of sticking with old friends from the past while making new ones along the way. You can grow up and change with the same people by your side but see yourself hold to old things with new people too,” said senior Gauri Shyamnath.

“The closeness with some teachers I have and the sandwiches on the 10-12 side of the cafe,” said sophomore Parinita Datta.

“The amazing bond I have made with the teachers and how they are always here to help,” said senior Parneet Sekhon.

“I love NHP's message to always include everyone. I admire the work ethic and drive of the student body as well as the efforts teachers put into providing us with clubs and extracurriculars. It's also notable how much pride and school spirit our school has. Go Glads!!!!” said sophomore Tina Torre.

“My favorite part about NHP is the increasing selection of classes, which reflects their interest in helping us succeed,” said junior Emma Ouyang.

“My favorite part about NHP is the track team. The track team is one of the most fun things I have ever done,” said sophomore Nikson Alex.

"My favorite thing about NHP is the diversity. You aren't judged for following a certain religion, for the color of your skin or for who you love. NHP encourages us to share and appreciate these differences with clubs, too. It's nice knowing that students can be accepted and respected for who they are," said sophomore Alyssa Hardeen.

Congratulations to the three winners: senior Parneet Sekhon, senior Gauri Shyamnath and sophomore Nikson Alex!


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