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All Stars, All Out

By Morgan Oberwiler

As the 2022 fall varsity sports seasons came to an end, seniors who were recognized for their outstanding ability in their sport were able to showcase their skills in the Nassau County All-Star games.

After making it to the playoffs, NHP varsity football displayed that their commitment and drive kept the team on the right path. Seniors Vicente Alveranga, Walter Reyes and Jake Rodgers have witnessed the advantages to working hard, provoking their coaches to offer them a spot in Nassau County’s All-Star football game. The boys eagerly accepted, with the thought that this may be their last time playing together lingering in their minds.

“I was so excited to play in the All-Star game. After being a captain throughout the season, it was nice to know that all the early morning practices paid off. It was such a fun experience meeting players from all over the county. The game was such a great way to end my final high school football season,” said senior Vicente Alveranga.

“The All-Star game was so much fun. The dedication we put in throughout the season was so rewarding to see in the game. I was awarded Defensive MVP. I am extremely proud of myself and my fellow captains,” said senior Walter Reyes.

Source from nhpathletics Instagram

From left to right: Jake Rodgers, Vicente Alvarenga and Walter Reyes pose in their uniforms after playing in the football All-Star game.

The boys varsity soccer team also had a successful season this past fall. With practice almost every day, the team has shown their commitment to soccer. After being asked to play in Nassau County’s All-Star soccer game, seniors Shawn Carlson and Sean Rodgers were able to broadcast the talents they had showcased throughout the season.

“The All-Star game was the perfect opportunity for me to end my high school soccer season. I had a great time playing. It is so rewarding to know that the hard work we put in throughout the season has paid off. I made sure to play strong and aggressive during the game, knowing that it was the best players all over the Island,” said senior Shawn Carlson.

Players from boys varsity soccer and varsity football demonstrated that their efforts created opportunities for them to excel in athletics. With both teams winning their games, the team captains helped make New Hyde Park victorious.


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