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What's Up With Winter Sports

By Bright Xiao

The winter sports season is in full swing at New Hyde Park Memorial High School, with the track and basketball teams working hard to achieve their goals. The track team, led by Coach Buith and assistant Coach Del Santo, has a strong group of returning runners and a talented group of newcomers. Under Coach Kraus's guidance, the boys basketball team is looking to build on last year's successes and make a deep run in the playoffs. Coach Bello leads the varsity girls basketball team as they develop chemistry with one another on-and-off the court. The teams have high hopes for their seasons.

The winter track team is seeing some changes this season as Coach Buith, former track coach, has returned to the team after five years of college coaching.

“It feels really good so far. The team has been working hard for weeks, so we’re looking for some good performances in the next few meets,” Coach Buith said.

“I want our team to do really well and all that, and I hope that I can become a big role model for the team,” senior Luke Jacob said.

Junior Jason Wang made invitational standards in shot put, throwing a distance of 31 feet. Wang was one of only two on the team who met these standards.

“The time trials were a good indication of where we were starting; it gives us the motivation to strive higher than where we are currently,” Wang said.

Source by Alvin Paul

The varsity track team works on strength and agility training with drills at practice.

The boys varsity basketball team is looking to recreate the achievements of last year, aiming for a conference championship. They had a strong start to the season with a standing of 3-1, losing against Calhoun.

“We are right where we think we wanna be, and I hope to continue what we did last year and make a run at the conference championship,” Coach Kraus said.

“I think the season is going well; we practice hard every day. Coach Kraus pushes us and motivates us to be the best that we can be,” junior Anthony LaSala said.

Source from Emily Speter

Brandon Thomas goes airborne to take a shot; the boys varsity basketball players welcome their teammates on to the court.

“We know how to move the ball around well. We communicate well on defense, and we’re winning games,” senior Brandon Thomas said.

“First and foremost, I would like to see success. Winning is great; it’s great for the community. Additionally, good sportsmanship and the ideals and values that I hold important in sports are what coaches kind of impart to our student-athletes, and that’s something that will continue. Showing good sportsmanship, being respectful whether we win or whether we lose, as I mention the things beyond sports as you guys become adults, those things are gonna make you successful in the professional world,” athletic director Mr. Maguire said.

With only three returning players, girls varsity basketball has worked to rebuild the team this season. Under the guidance of Coach Bello, the team aspires to make playoffs this year, just as they did last season.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Ava Orbon watches as Julia Lopez concentrates at the free throw line; Maeve Downing takes a shot behind the three.

“We won two games so far, but we aren’t like most teams where we have a foundation to push off of once we reach varsity,” junior Alexandra Stec said. “Only having three returning varsity players meant that we needed to rebuild ourselves and try new things as a team. At first, it was tough for all of us getting used to the speed of the varsity level, but I believe that we can really make things happen. Now that we have a good chemistry within the team, we know what plays work off of each other, and our way of play is all about teamwork. We learned from our mistakes that we can’t go forward by ourselves, and we have to move as a team. Our goal this year is to make it to the playoffs again and to make it past the first round.”


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