Stream Your Dream

By Grace Heskial

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, theaters were closed and many took comfort in watching movies from the ease of their homes. Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and more made this a smooth transition. Although movie theaters are starting to open again, people are in no rush to leave streaming services behind.

Streaming services have been on the rise for a while, but COVID-19 allowed for them to completely take over. They allow fans to watch their favorite movies and shows in the comfort of their own homes, while keeping safe from the pandemic. These services give viewers entertainment for rainy days or a break from a stressful day, all while allowing them to tune in to movies whenever they please.

"I prefer using streaming services because they have a variety of different genres of movies, and I can watch them wherever I go," said sophomore Trisha George.

While the love for streaming movies is great, many still enjoy the experience of watching movies on the big screen.

“Although movie theaters are starting to open again, people are in no rush to leave streaming services behind...”

"I prefer going to the movie theaters. My main reason would be because while in the theater, I find myself being able to become more immersed in the movie, as opposed to being at home," said sophomore Julia Tews.

The movie theater experience offers an extra pizzazz that some prefer over streaming, such as the ever so popular movie theater popcorn, snacks and drinks. The theater also allows larger screens and realistic sound effects that reverberate around the dark room, adding to the experience.

"I like how going to the movies makes me feel like I'm a part of the movie, like a bystander or an onlooker in someone else’s life. This experience I can't really get when sitting at home watching movies. Don’t get me wrong — I love watching movies in the comfort of my bed, but nothing beats the experience the movie theaters provide,” said sophomore Georgina Giannatsis.

Reproduced with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Some students prefer going to the movie theater than watching a movie from home.

Another thing to take into consideration when comparing movie theaters and streaming services is the price. Movie theater tickets in Manhattan on average cost $14.30 per adult ticket while the monthly cost of a basic Netflix account is $8.99 per month and a basic Disney+ account is $8.00 per month. While at first glance a streaming subscription might seem like the cheaper option, the monthly fee can add up to a lot. Depending on the individual, a streaming service might not be worth it, while for others, it might be a total steal. The advantage to a subscription, in this case, is that the viewer is not limited to a one-time watch of a movie, like a movie theater offers. The viewer can watch multiple movies at their own pace and streaming services also offer shows and series, which sets them apart from theaters.

Streaming services have undoubtedly revolutionized the movie industry. While it definitely has its cons and many love the movie theater experience, no one can deny that streaming is here to stay.