NHP Theater's Newest Ghost

By Julia Esposito and Rachel Priest

The curtains are back up in the New Hyde Park auditorium. During the prolonged ‘intermission’ due to COVID-19, the stage had gone dark. However, with a dedicated cast and crew, NHP Theater presented their fall production, “The Canterville Ghost.”

The comedy tells the story of an American family who moves to London into a house haunted by ghosts. The family and the lead ghost, Sir Simon De Canterville, try to work together to live in the same house. From pies being thrown in people’s faces to hilarious dance breaks, it was a memorable way to bring theatre back to school.

Source from @nhpgladiators

The actors and actresses put on a lively performance for the audience.

“It felt so good to be back on stage again! I missed the people and the adrenaline rush before getting to act. When I heard they were allowing the play and musicals for this year, it made me so happy, and I can’t wait for the musical in the spring,” said junior Emily McKenna.

The cast consisted of approximately 50 students who had to perfect their lines and blocking in just five weeks. They practiced on days off and stayed for long afternoons in order to get the show ready.

“I was a little bit stressed about the play after getting one of the lead roles. I was so worried that I’d be memorizing lines during classes and forcing my friends to quiz me on them. The play ended up amazing though, and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it,” said junior Ishita Bansal.

The stage crew advisers, Mr. Larichiutta and Mr. D'Ammassa, stayed with the students during those long practices. They made sure everything backstage ran smoothly and built an intricate set for the play.

“Aside from being able to work on some really great shows, you get the opportunity to meet some really amazing people and become part of what, to me, feels like one big family. Last but not least, the director, Mr. Ferrar was there from the very beginning to create yet another of his adored fall plays. The show can truly not happen without his hard work and pure love for the art of theatre that motivates all the cast to do their best,” said stage crew member Andrew Canese.

“Ever since seventh grade, I enjoyed watching my peers put on amazing performances. There’s nothing like live theater, and seeing this year's play brought a smile to my face,” said junior Gabriella Bonetti.

As another show opened and closed, NHP Theater encapsulates bringing joy to the community during a difficult time. Even with masks on, the smiles from the cast and crew radiate positive energy and the shared love for the arts. Stay tuned for information regarding the spring musical, “Guys and Dolls.”