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Senior T-shirt Day

By Gregory Marzano

For the last two days of senior week, the Class of 2021 wore their matching senior t-shirts. The t-shirts help to bring the seniors together and feel unified, even while socially distancing and learning remotely. Senior week was an opportunity for the seniors to experience one of the traditional senior events, even though the rest of the school year has been anything but traditional.

Sources by Ari Boldur

Ari Boldur and Sophia Giamarino smile outside Cafeteria B near the benches;* Laura Los, Boldur, and Melanie Khan stand together in front of the senior mural; Olivia Wong and Boldur take a picture inside of their AP Government and Politics classroom.

“I like how the t-shirts are a way to unite us on the last day of senior week and we’ll always have the shirt to remind us of high school. We stand out from everyone in the school building and it makes me proud wearing the shirt,” said Sophia Lin.

Sources from Michelle Mathew and Gayathri Suresh

Nasheed Choudhury, Rayva Gupta, and Michelle Mathew meet after school for photos because Mathew is fully remote; Julia Ajith, Gayathri Suresh, Saanvi Mirchandani, Choudhury, Yasmin Abdelhamid, Wong, and Lulua Hamdani take a group selfie.

“Although it's sad that we didn't see as many seniors in the building as past years, seeing many of the seniors that did wear the shirts shows that we're all in this together,” said Adithya Krishnan.

Sources from Jenisha Saji and Emily Locker Keralyn Lener, Jenisha Saji and Emily Locker hold hands for a photo; Bella Bigeni, Isabella Rodriguez, Locker, Katrina Rivers, Sarah Belmonte and Hailey Mikowski pose for a group picture together.*

Sources from Siya Sharma

Even though Parneet Sekhon is fully remote, she and Siya Sharma are able to have fun on Senior T-shirt Day; Julia Si and Siya Sharma come together for a photo on Hybrid B day.*

"Senior T-shirt day this year was an incredible way for seniors to feel together and commemorate their last year even through all the changes and uncertainties. Although we were separated from friends and teachers, the efforts that the building put into trying to celebrate NHP senior traditions is greatly appreciated," said Jada Seto.

Sources from Sophia Lin and Saanvi Mirchandani

After twirling practice, Sophia Lin and Siya Sharma pose for a photo; on the Saturday after senior week, Rafia Ahmed, Khushi Shah, Saanvi Mirchandani, and Gauri Shyamnath spent the day together to celebrate since Ahmed, Shah, and Shyamnath have been fully remote since September.

Source from Sophia Kalosinis

Ava Denaro, Claire Mikowski, Sara Aronov, Sophia Kalosinis, and Jenna Neu come together for a group photo in a classroom.

*DISCLAIMER: Students took off their masks for a picture and immediately put them back on. New Hyde Park Memorial mandates mask wearing and social distancing protocols.


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