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Decade Day

By Lauren DiGregorio

Senior week at NHP went full steam ahead by going back in time. Decade Day kicked off the first two days of senior week, and the Class of 2021 showed off their best throwback looks, dating back all the way to the 1700s. Even though it was not the senior week that they imagined, full-time in-school seniors were able to enjoy Decade Day twice and hybrid students savored the day they’ve always anticipated.

Sources from Taylor Jung

Taylor Jung and Jasmine Garnica take a selfie in their '70s theme outfits; Gabrielle Greco, Jung, and Sophia Giamarino pose with matching flower crowns against the brick wall.

Sources from Maria Ferrigno and Darla Petricca

Jenna Neu, Megan Muntzenberger, and Maria Ferrigno pose as the Founding Fathers of the United States; showing off her strength, Darla Petricca represents Rosie the Riveter from the '40s.

“I didn’t participate in Decade Day and it felt like a regular day for me. Seeing people in my grade with their cute outfits on Instagram and Snapchat made me wish I was in school all dolled up with my friends,” said Pia Alana.

Sources by Olivia Wong

Olivia Wong and Nasheed Choudhury sport denim-on-denim for the '80s; outside Cafeteria B, friends sit on the tables while holding up fingers to spell out "2021." FRONT: Gayathri Suresh and Julia Ajith. BACK: Yasmin Abdelhamid, Wong, Choudhury, and Lulua Hamdani.

Sources from Nicholas Marsella

The entire senior Italian class dresses up for Decade Day; Nick Marsella and Zachary Blumenson come together for a picture; Marsella eats lunch in his "Greaser" leather jacket.

“Day One of Decade Day was a blast! Walking through the halls made me so happy to see my senior classmates participating in the fun week we've been waiting for. I finally felt the excitement and happiness from the seniors. I had been looking forward to this for so long, and I couldn't have been happier to do it all with my best friends,” said Emily Locker.

Sources from Emily Locker and Paige Jones

Paige Jones and Emily Locker match in pink for a self-timer photo; even though their outfits were from different decades, Keralyn Lener, Jones, and Siya Sharma unite for a picture.*

Source from Claire Mikowski

Sophia Kalosinis, Claire Mikowski, and Sara Aronov dress up as hippies and take it back to the '70s.*

“Even though senior year hasn't been what we planned, senior week has given us something to be excited about and we are all thankful for that,” said Aaron Gitelman.

Sources from Aaron Gitelman and Nicolette Caneda

Nicolette Caneda and Aaron Gitelman pose as a "Pink Lady" and a "Greaser;" Caneda and Maria Poulos throw it back to the '80s for part two of Decade Day.*

“As a remote student, I was disappointed that I couldn't participate in senior week the way I've wanted to since 7th grade. However, I know that the school is doing their best with the difficult situation, and I'm glad that some of my in-person friends got to be a true part of it,” said Khushi Shah.

Source by Ari Boldur

Before AP Biology, Ari Boldur and Olivia Wong smile behind their masks; Laura Los, Boldur, and Melanie Kahn take a picture in the senior high cafeteria.

Sources from Emily Locker and Jenna Neu

Isabella Rodriguez, Gina Bamberger, Locker, and Sarah Belmonte rock the '70s look; Ava Denaro and Neu smile for the camera in bright, colorful dresses.*

*DISCLAIMER: Students took off their masks for a picture and immediately put them back on. New Hyde Park Memorial mandates mask wearing and social distancing protocols.


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