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Pajama Day

By Divya Gottiparthy

For Pajama Day, seniors brought the daily normal of loungewear to the building. Many students enrolled in remote learning already wear pajamas and comfortable clothing every day. Regardless, seniors still enjoyed celebrating unconventional fashion and the right to be comfortable by wearing fuzzy slippers and funky-colored attire to school.

Sources from Paige Jones, Jenna Neu, and Claire Mikowski

Clockwise from the top left, Paige Jones, Gina Bamberger, and Emily Locker take a selfie together in the dead hallway; in matching fuzzy robes, Ava Denaro, Jenna Neu, and Sara Aronov pose with their animal plushies; Claire Mikowski and Sophia Kalosinis smile with animal print pajamas and black-and-white lamb stuffed animals.*

"Since elementary school, pajama day has always been one of my favorite days in school. Being able to be in cozy clothes as opposed to uncomfortable attire makes all the difference. Being that this year we are dealing with many different circumstances due to the pandemic, seniors all over the world have had to deal with so many things we have all been looking forward to for years getting taken away from them. Being that I am still able to participate in one of my favorite days of the school year, that makes all of the difference," said Ava Denaro.

Sources from Darla Petricca and Saanvi Mirchandani

Darla Petricca, Gabriella Langone, Sofia Quijada and Kayla Mahoney wrap themselves in matching dinosaur blankets; Preesha Mody and Suhani Madaan hug a Squishmallow.*

"I mean it is true, or I every day is pajama day and sometimes it’s a little hard seeing your friends back at school having fun but at the same time, you're happy they are happy and staying safe. My friends and I tried to send each other pictures for senior week so that we feel like we are all together even though we are not, " said Gauri Shyamnath.

Sources from Nicolette Caneda and Saanvi Mirchandani

Clockwise from the top left, Nicolette Caneda and Aaron Gitelman wear matching King and Queen pajamas;* Aarti Devjani, Rayva Gupta, Nasheed Choudhury, Saanvi Mirchandani and Maddie Sepcaru smile behind their masks in the World Language hallway.

"All my years at New Hyde Park I’ve always dreamed of being a part of senior week. Unfortunately with COVID, a lot of things I was looking forward to needed to be canceled. With that being said I think that senior week was the one thing that has been preserved for us. A lot of us were still able to participate despite being at home and I think it worked out really well," said Yasmin Abdelhamid.

Sources from Ari Boldur and Paige Jones

Laura Los, Boldur, and Melanie Kahn dress comfortably for the day; Sophia Giamarino and Jones come together for a picture in the sun.*

"I feel senior week this year was different but fun. Although we weren't able to do the same things as in the past, we were able to make the most of it. Personally, I feel it was really nice to see everyone dress up on costume day and pajama day because it brought back a sense of normality during these times," said Rayva Gupta.

Sources from Jenna Neu and Olivia Wong

In silky pajamas, Ava Denaro, Megan Muntzenberger, and Jenna Neu show off their plushies; Yasmin Abdelhamid, Choudhury, Olivia Wong, and Lulua Hamdani share a moment in front of the senior mural.

Sources from Evita George

Outside Julia Ajith's house, her and Evita George come together for a picture; friends match in pink silk pajamas. FRONT: Teresa Rizzo, Evita George, and Riya Joseph. BACK: Isabella Le and Sarah Razzaq.

*DISCLAIMER: Students took off their masks for a picture and immediately put them back on. New Hyde Park Memorial mandates mask wearing and social distancing protocols.


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