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Costume Day

By Hannah Kim

This year, Costume Day was a wonderland full of sensational looks from movies, books and even real life. Seniors dressed up in any costume imaginable, flooding the school with colorfully creative characters and animals. Despite the restrictions that the pandemic placed on people, students, both remote and hybrid, were able to experience dressing up as their favorite characters for their classmates to see.

Sources from Jenna Neu, Taylor Jung and Gauri Shyamnath

Clockwise from the top left, Ava Denaro, Nicolette Caneda and Jenna Neu dress up as dogs;* Taylor Jung and Sophia Giamarino pose as Girl Scouts;* girls recreate characters from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." FRONT: Preesha Mody, Rafia Ahmed, Saanvi Mirchandani, Khushi Shah and Gauri Shyamnath. BACK: Jiya Singh, Suhani Madaan, Aarti Devjani.

“My friends and I dressed up as characters from "Monsters Inc." We had to make our costumes, so we had a lot of fun deciding what items to buy that would best fit our respective characters. People quickly recognized our costumes and complemented us. Even though it wasn’t a typical senior week or costume day, the overall experience was awesome, and I’m just happy that we had the chance to partake in it,” said senior Evita George.

Source from Nicolette Caneda

Friends wear iconic white wigs, flamed T-shirts and dark sunglasses to personify Guy Fieri. FRONT: Jenna Neu, Megan Muntzenberger and Maria Poulos. BACK: Sophia Kalosinis, Ava Denaro, Nicolette Caneda, Meghan Allen, and Maria Ferrigno.

“My friends and I had a great time during Costume Day! It was fun to dress up as characters from one of my favorite childhood movies, "Monsters Inc." and take pictures! It felt like a normal senior year for once because we got to partake in a senior activity that all previous students have done as well. Some of my friends come into school Hybrid day B, so I was upset that we couldn’t all be together, but it was still fun to see pictures of their outfits. I’m grateful that we all got to dress up,” said senior Riya Joseph.

Sources from Nicholas Marsella and Paige Jones

With Denaro posing as a dog and Marsella as Forrest Gump, they come together for a picture in their Italian class; Siya Sharma in camouflage holds hands with Paige Jones as Grande in the dead hallway.

Sources from Claire Mikowski and Evita George

Claire Mikowski, Emma Fager, Sara Aronov, Evita George, Isabella Le, and Riya Joseph dress up as the colorful Disney characters from "Monsters Inc."

“For costume day, my friends and I decided to dress up as iconic Disney characters. It was really fun walking through the hallways, seeing other students dressed up and getting to talk with teachers about our costumes,” said senior Isabella Le.

Sources from Paige Jones, Emily Locker, and Ari Boldur

Clockwise from the top left, Jones poses as Ariana Grande; Emily Locker and Keralyn Lener dress up as Lady Gaga for the second day of Costume Day; Laura Los, Ari Boldur and Melanie Khan pose for a picture as Barbie and Ken; Locker and Isabella Bigeni recreate MC Hammer's look.*

“Senior week is something that all the seniors look forward to every year. Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, our efforts to make this week memorable did not surprise me. We still showed our creative side and had an enjoyable experience,” said Laura Los.

Sources from Darla Petricca and Nasheed Choudhury

Kayla Mahoney, Emma Fager, Sofia Quijada, Sarah Belmonte and Darla Petricca wore matching costumes that represent Pitbull; friends dress up as the Fairly Odd Parents and Timmy Turner. FRONT: Julia Ajith and Lulua Hamdani. BACK: Yasmin Abdelhamid and Nasheed Choudhury.

*DISCLAIMER: Students took off their masks for a picture and immediately put them back on. New Hyde Park Memorial mandates mask wearing and social distancing protocols.


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