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Meet Me at MetLife

By Julia Esposito

Many NHP Swifties made a “Blank Space” in their calendar to attend “The Era’s Tour” this past weekend. After the “Great War” for the highly desired tickets on Ticketmaster, “The Lucky One”s who were able to snag tickets “dressed to the nines” and got “Bejeweled” to “Shake It Off” with Taylor at MetLife Stadium.

“Attending the Taylor Swift concert was such a fun experience. I was lucky as my sister got floor seats so I was able to see the concert pretty close. The energy of everyone near me was infectious, and it was so fun making memories with my sisters,” senior Emilia Szynwald said.

Sources by Meaghan Jansen, Julia Esposito and Arianna Bianculli

NHP Swifties Meaghan Jansen, Gabby Bonetti, Rachel Priest, Julia Esposito, alum Keralyn Lener and Arianna Bianculli pose in their shimmering outfits.

“When anyone asks me about Taylor Swift’s concert, I have no words to describe the amazing performance she put on. She not only put on a performance, but she constantly kept everyone’s attention. I went to the Friday show, and we got the privilege of watching her ‘Karma’ music video before it was released. I would pay all kinds of money to go back and see Taylor swift perform again. She was amazing.” senior Teresa Puccio said.

Many took Taylor’s advice when she sang, “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it,” from her song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” and made many friendship bracelets to trade with other super fans at the concert.

“I wore a ‘junior jewels’ shirt and brought sharpies so people could sign it, like Taylor’s in the ‘You Belong With Me’ music video. I met some of the kindest people that night. One person gave me a friendship bracelet that matched my shirt even though I didn’t have one to trade back. It was one of the best nights of my life,” junior Nicole Donnelly said.

Sources by Nicole Donnelly, Emilia Szynwald and Kat Tuohy

Fans Nicole Donnelly, Kat Tuohy and Teresa Puccio want to "Stay Stay Stay" at the concert for "Evermore."

“I had so much fun at the Taylor Swift concert. I loved seeing everyone’s sparkly outfits and trading friendship bracelets with people there. Her music sounded so good and the surprises she planned for the show had me so excited throughout all three and a half hours,” senior Arianna Bianculli said.

“It was the best experience of my life, I wish I could go back. I’ve liked Taylor since I was pretty young so it kinda just felt like a full circle moment,” senior Kat Tuohy said.

Source by Julia Esposito

After performing for over three hours, fans still wish the concert could "Begin Again."


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