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Let the Games Begin: Field Day

By Fatima Naysa

As the year comes to an end, seventh and eighth graders enjoyed the last moments of the year with their friends during field day on June 6 and 7, respectively.

The senior leaders helped assist many small-group game activities for the seventh grade field day. Some activities included a relay race, Spikeball, tug-of-war, building block towers, Gaga Ball and a bean bag toss. Seventh graders created banners, played games and completed teacher superlatives in the morning.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Seventh graders sign their names with pride and release their creativity as they draw colorful doodles on their banners.

Then, during period four, the students were engaged in an assembly featuring Rohan Murphy, a successful wrestler who lost both his legs at birth.

Sources by Mary Kay Mannle and Katie Kaspar

Nationally acclaimed youth speaker and wrestler Rohan Murphy shows off his gymnastics skills on stage, motivating seventh graders to always chase their dreams.

For the eighth grade field day that following day, students competed in fun tournaments in Kan Jam, Spikeball and a large Jenga activity indoors due to the wildfire smoke crisis, which brought New York’s air quality index up to unhealthy levels. Despite being in the gym and hallways, eighth graders continued to have fun at field day.

“We can choose our teams, which means that the whole day will be fun because I will be spending time with my friends the whole day. However, I anticipate bad pizza like last year,” eighth grader Obed Glanson said.

“The dance routine at the beginning of field day was a good way to get everyone awake. There was a lot of excitement and everyone was energized by the time the games started. Some students and teachers even got on stage while the crowd went wild,” eighth grader Sania Naqvi said.

Excitement filled the air as eighth graders challenged each other with mini games, like throwing pumpkins into a basket. After lunch, the eighth graders ended their day with a few more activities and an awards ceremony.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Eighth graders battle each other in Spikeball, tug-of-war, knockout and relax with refreshments as they chat with one another.

The junior leaders assisted with large-group game activities such as soccer and a kickball game. There were four big groups of students and they were able to pick their own groups with up to eight people.

“The leaders for field day will now use what they learned during zero period classes and apply it to helping with all field day activities,” gym teacher Ms. Rizzuti said. “They will be assigned stations and will actively run the activities. The leadership students look forward to field day every year and do an excellent job motivating students to have a great day!”

“Students were allowed to pick their own groups this year, which they really enjoyed. It was really chaotic to contain all of them,” eighth grade math teacher Ms. Ruggiero said.

As a part of both field days, pizza and refreshments were served to the students as they played games in field day for two hours.

“Thank you to all the seventh grade teachers, the NHP administration, faculty and staff, especially the custodial department for helping to make Field Day 2023 a success!” Ms. Kaspar said.


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