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A Tassel Worth the Hassle

By The Chariot Staff

On Sunday, June 25, NHP's Class of 2023 celebrated their last milestone as high school students. Graduation, which took place at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex of Hofstra University, presented the approximate three hundred students constituting the senior class. The commencement ceremony was roughly an hour and a half, and graduates were permitted to bring an unlimited number of guests.

Previous to the graduation ceremony, the seniors and staff extensively prepared for the event. On June 22, the seniors assembled at the school to collect their caps and gowns and participated in a rehearsal at the New Hyde Park Memorial High School gymnasium. Some students also chose to creatively express themselves, personally decorating their graduation caps.

Sources from Ashwathi Chemban and Alyssa Hardeen

Ashwathi Chemban expresses herself by using an array of colorful butterflies to personalize her cap; The graduation program features Alyssa Hardeen's artwork.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Graduates eagerly line up alphabetically as they prepare to walk the stage, commencing the last event of their high school careers.

Source by Tina Torre

The Class of 2023 advisers, Mr. Chuba and Mrs. Pincay, memorialize the event after spending six years working together.

The Class of 2023 was welcomed into the building with music played by the senior high band. The "Star-Spangled Banner" and a message delivered by Dr. Faccio followed the graduates taking their seats.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Members of the Class of 2023 enter their rows and wait until the rest of the chairs are filled before they take a seat.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Dr. Faccio addresses the Class of 2023 regarding the culmination of their high school career.

Senior Class President Brenda Bolouvi delivered the Class of 2023 Message, where she discussed the need to fight adversity and tackle the real world as graduates encounter significant changes in their lives.

“I wanted my speech to speak to the people, not really the staff or administrators," Bolouvi said. "I was the most nervous about the grade’s reaction. I wanted to explore how to make it feel like a conversation and not just spewing out random advice. I didn't have much time to practice. I think I read through my speech fully about 5 times before but I knew my audience so it just came to me. I wanted it to be memorable but still emotional."

Ava Geigle, student council president, themed her reflection on spreading positivity and the quote, "Life is short; smile more."

Source by Rachel Priest

Seniors Rachel Priest and Ava Geigle grin, adorning their various cords and medals.

Salutatorian Taseen Tanzil centered his speech on his family and that the graduating class should aim to leave an impact as they enter the workforce.

Priya Persaud's Valedictorian address carried the audience through personal anecdotes of different milestones, like planting bean sprouts in kindergarten, and like Tanzil, she paid tribute to impactful teachers throughout her high school career, such as Ms. Stone and Ms. Gelber. She ended her speech with a call to action using satire for graduates to search for ways to better the world.

"My speech had three parts to it," Persaud said. "The first part was a reflection on our shared memories throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. The second part of my speech included positive messages including pursuing one's happiness. The third part of my speech included gratitude for teachers, for administration, faculty, staff, parents, and then I closed off a little bit comically with a quote by a famous musical artist, Pitbull... but it also included a call to action for the audience, especially with the Class of 2023. I said that we have the power to make this change, we just need to realize it and work for a cause that we find meaningful to ourselves. For me, that's increasing women's representation in STEM."

Throughout the ceremony, several music selections were played between speeches by graduates and underclassmen. The chambers singers performed "A Million Dreams" and "What I Did For Love," conducted by seniors Debarati Chowdhury and Ishita Bansal, respectively. Along with the processional music, "Pomp and Circumstance No. 1," the senior high band played selections from Walt Disney's "Aladdin" and the recessional song, "Sine Nomine."

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Underclassmen in the senior high band play processional music as graduates enter.

Sources from Anna Detke, David Ren and Rachel Priest

Seniors Anna Detke, Caley Caleca, Sam Tsui, David Ren, Anneliese Park, Maliea Saccheri and Rachel Priest wear personalized graduation caps.

Source from Ishita Bansal

Seniors show off their diplomas, proud of the achievements that they accomplished during their time spent at New Hyde Park Memorial High School.

"Attending graduation was such a bittersweet moment, filled with a range of emotions for all," junior Grace Heskial said. "For me, it was almost surreal; the kids who I grew up with, who were consistently older and more experienced than me, were now leaving. Instead of always having them to look up to as the older and then oldest grade in the building, now I'm going to be a senior. I was sad to say bye to my friends, but I wish them the utmost best in the real world and in life."

Source by Anna Detke

Before the ceremony, Anna Detke and social studies teacher Mr. Kern reminisce about the time they spent together during the past school year.

Source from Morgan Oberwiler

Graduates Nicole DiMartino, Morgan Oberwiler and Rachel Priest celebrate the end of this chapter in their lives.

Source by Christina Wilson

Graduates beam both before and after graduation, feeling bittersweet about the departures and the future.

Some seniors forecast their future after graduation from NHP. Many seniors plan on socializing with departing friends over the summer as each student will begin a new journey following high school.

“In the summer, I wanna spend time with my friends because it’s the last time in a while before we can meet up again. Most of us are going our separate ways so I want to do that during the summer and prepare for what’s going to be a big change," senior Paul Wang said.

"For the summer, I am actually taking a break from anything somewhat strenuous in terms of research," Persaud said. "I’m taking a break and going on vacation with my family, enjoying it with friends and trying to relish every bit of the ‘summer magic’ so to speak. Of course, still doing what I love to do the most."


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