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Brenda's Bon Voyage

By Brenda Bolouvi

To the Senior Class,

I’d like to start off this letter by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to lead you through one of the most important moments of your lives. High school is no joke. It’s filled with experiences, fun activities and I have nothing more to bring - just an honest thank you for giving me this role.

As I walk through the hallways filled with my peers, I see more than just faces filled with anticipation. We are dedicated NYSSMA musicians and State FBLA winners. We are successful Model UN delegates, prized publication producers and Robotics Champions. We are athletes, singers and creators. We, as a class, define New Hyde Park Memorial High School. As we receive the final issue of The Chariot for this school year, we are given the opportunity to reflect on all the amazing experiences New Hyde Park has had to offer us. All the teachers that made us laugh, friendships that helped us grow, parents who’ve supported us, but most importantly the bonds we’ve formed along the way. I hope as Class President you’ve all felt recognized for the passion you’ve put into this school and our communities. Students, we are at that moment when you reach the last page of your favorite chapter not knowing that the chapter coming up is 10 times better. Filled with new characters and storylines. Soon we will become our own authors. This is YOUR story, and it’s just the beginning, now I ask who will you be?

Thank you all for the past four years, and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

Kindest Regards,

Brenda Bolouvi

Source from Brenda Bolouvi

Class President Brenda Bolouvi will be attending Cornell University with a major in Business and a minor in Information Technology.


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