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Addition of AP Math

By Darsh Mirchandani

Computer science has become a field that has spread to nearly every aspect of modern society. In an attempt to equip students with a fundamental understanding of computer science and its practical applications, NHP is introducing the AP Computer Science Principles course into the curriculum, beginning next year.

The College Board’s CSP course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the foundational concepts of computer science. It aims to foster computational thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and creativity while emphasizing the impact of technology on individuals, communities and the world at large. The course intends to help students gain insight into the societal implications of technology and the potential for innovation.

“I’m excited about teaching AP Computer Science Principles next year. The course is an introduction to computer science. It includes how computers actually work, how computing affects our world, as well as some programming,” math teacher Ms. Joseph said.

According to the College Board’s official description of the course, CSP offers an engaging curriculum that integrates five “Big Ideas” spanning the breadth of computer science. These Big Ideas include creativity development, data, algorithms and programming, computer systems, and networks and the impact of computing.

Source by Sabeena Ramdarie

The addition of College Board's CSP course will allow NHP students taking the course access to all of the College Board's materials.

In addition to coding skills, the CSP course involves critical thinking and data analysis abilities. Students learn to examine and interpret data, draw conclusions and communicate their findings effectively. Many think that these skills are vital in an era where data-driven decision-making has become increasingly prevalent across industries. The course is not just limited to computer concepts, but aims to also incorporate the legal, ethical, societal and economical aspects of computers.

However, not all students are convinced that this new course is the best use of school resources or students’ time.

“While I do appreciate the school’s efforts to diversify their curriculum with AP Computer Science Principles, I’m rather skeptical of the impact this class will have. The curriculum introduces only very introductory concepts. While it may be an interesting class for some students, I think it would be beneficial if the school were to offer AP Computer Science A, a more in-depth class that would better cater to anyone deciding to pursue engineering,” freshman Shohom Chakraborty said.


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