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Ye or Nay?

By Samarth Jani

In February 2021, reality TV star, influencer and businesswoman Kim Kardashian

shocked the world when she filed for a divorce from Ye, previously known as Kanye West, after being married for seven years. Over the past year, the public has witnessed the two being entangled in long and confusing drama involving new publicized relationships, an album release detailing their failing marriage and many disses towards a plethora of celebrities.

Since the beginning of 2022, Ye has made it clear to the public that he is not taking the divorce well. He said in many interviews, songs and sporadic Instagram posts that he wants his ex-wife and family together again. When it was revealed that Kardashian had started dating comedian Pete Davidson, Ye made sure to let the media know, by leaking private text messages, that he does not like her new boyfriend or him being around his kids. While the comedian has kept a calm composure, he has occasionally clapped back, reminding Ye that he is now with Kardahsian. Ye conveyed his emotions during this situation in the song, “Eazy” by rapping how he wants to hurt Davidson. Additionally, in the music video, there are scenes of Ye repeatedly hitting a piñata meant to look like Davidson's head.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Ye's outbursts have been all over social media and people are wondering when it will stop.

Kardashian and Davidson are not the only celebrities to face Ye’s wrath. In early February, Ye took to his Instagram to announce that rapper Kid Cudi would not be featured on his then upcoming album “DONDA 2”. The post read, “Just so everyone knows, Cudi will not be on DONDA because he is friends with you know who…” The friend he is referring to is Davidson. Kid Cudi responded saying, “Too bad. I don’t wanna be on your album you dinosaur.”

Billie Eilish has also been targeted. During one of her concerts, she stopped the show to make sure a fan was fine and said, “We take care of our people. I wait for people to be OK.” Ye addressed the comment, thinking that Eilish was coming after rapper Travis Scott and the tragedy which had happened at his Astroworld Festival back in 2021. Ye's post read, “I need Billie to apologize before I perform at Coachella. He didn’t have any idea what was happening.” Many felt that this blowup was unnecessary and uncalled for considering the fact that Eilish never mentioned Scott.

It seems that no one is safe from Ye’s rant-style Instagram posts, including his own daughter. Back in November 2021, many were surprised to see an account by the name of @KimandNorth pop up on their TikTok pages. As many parents would be if their eight year old daughter was on TikTok, Ye disapproved of the decision. Once again, Ye took to Instagram and expressed his deep distaste for her being on social media. Though many agree that it is unsafe for a child to be on such a platform, many think Ye’s actions regarding the situation are hypocritical. This is in reference to him posting about the situation to his 15.9 million followers and him allowing North and the rest of his children to be on “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” and their new Hulu show, “The Kardashians.”

People are also very concerned on how Ye’s actions will affect his relationship with his kids in the future.

“Ultimately it will. Keep in mind that their children will have this information available to them when they get older and will be forced to form their own opinions around the situation,” junior Abigail Varghese said.

With all the antics, people are curious of the reason behind his actions. The two major theories are that it has to do with Ye’s mental health issues (bipolar disorder) or it is all a marketing ploy to promote his new projects such as “DONDA 2” and his Yeezy clothing line.

“We come to the realization that this man does have mental illness. Saying that Kanye is ‘off his meds’ is disrespectful and essentially ignores his cries for help. I feel that we as a society moving forward should reevaluate the way we look at mental health,” junior Brenda Bolouvi said.


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