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Prepared 4 "Stranger Things"

By Mirolla Mekaiel

After a three year hiatus, “Stranger Things'' season four has been announced. There will be two parts to this season, which will be released on Netflix on May 27 and July 1.

Source by Kristen Schneider

Students at NHP are getting ready to binge watch the new season.

Fans were left heartbroken and overwhelmed in regard to the plot twist-filled episodes back in season three. Characters died, sacrificed themselves and separated from each other. The viewers were brought into the Upside Down with these kids, as they watched them deal with life threatening conflicts.

“I feel this season is going to be a breath of fresh air. Seeing the characters back in action will feel almost nostalgic. Above all else, I’m super excited,” junior Luke Jacob said.

Season four was initially expected to begin shooting in 2020, but because of the pandemic it was held off. Fans did understand that the pandemic would delay the premiere of the new season, but it is still frustrating to many as this is not the first time that the premiere of a new “Stranger Things” season took longer than anticipated.

“As much as I understand an outstanding series such as "Stranger Things" takes time to film, produce, edit and perfect, as a viewer, I’m finding myself to be losing interest due to the long periods of time I have to wait for a new season," junior Aleeya Gonzalez said. "Once a season is released, the cycle usually goes: the new season arrives on Netflix, I get extremely excited, I watch the whole season in a literal day and then have to wait three years to find out what happens next.”

Since this is the last season before the series finale, it has a lot of expectations from fans who are hoping to see their theories play out. The producers of the show have revealed that one character who was supposedly dead will come back. The eager audience is hoping to see Hop climb out of the Upside Down and return to their home and be with Eleven again. However, it is not unlikely that the producers would bring back somebody who is unexpected, like Barbara.

“I am very excited to see the new season especially because of the cliffhanger they left with Jim Hopper and his disappearance,” sophomore John Bozga said.

Fans are also curious to see how the group’s relationship will be affected by Will and Eleven moving away. Students from NHP want to see them get together again to solve another problem that happens in their small town.

“I am definitely expecting to see some new monster or threat that the characters of Hawkins are forced to fight. I am also really interested to see how some were affected with the Byers and El moving away, and how that impacts their relationships with each other,” junior Aleena Gonzalez said.

“Stranger Things” gained a lot of popularity over the past six years when season one came out. Soon the viewers will find out if the long wait for this new season is worth it.

“I've been anticipating this season very much because this is probably one of my favorite shows and considering how long it took to make it. It makes me want to watch it more,” Bozga said.


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