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What the EICs Don't Want You to Know

By an anonymous Chariot Writer

Everyone knows it is no easy feat to write, edit, and layout an entire newspaper. Especially by a group of high school students. But does that stop the two editors-in-chief? No. In fact, they make it harder for their staff.

Any staff member can tell you that the EICs basically spam them all night before any deadline in addition to forgetting to send out reminders of when layout is the night BEFORE rather than the morning of. It’s like they don’t have the need to sleep. If you don’t do your part before 8 AM, expect a scolding in front of your fellow staff.

Let’s talk about rules. It is understandable for a newspaper to have rules, right? Of course, but how strict should those rules be? Apparently, extremely strict. If you mess up a spelling, you get a scolding. If you mess up grammar, you get a scolding. If you mess up a comma, oh boy do you get a scolding. Basically, you get scolded all day, every day.

Not to mention what happened in the last issue. You won’t believe what happened either. A writer used a reference from, and I shudder to say this, Wikipedia. (🤮). The faces of the editors-in-chief were the scariest thing you will ever see. Even scarier than our generation.

Also to my fellow Juniors, your ears will hurt once you hear this. The editor-in-chief, who is a senior btw, said the PSAT is the exact same as the SAT. Even dared to say that it is not THAT important. THE AUDACITY

Can we also talk about loyalties? One has the utmost loyalty to the chariot, while the other… well. Let’s just say they were caught red-handed at a Yearbook meeting. I REPEAT… A YEARBOOK MEETING!! In addition, said editor-in-chief is basically MIA on every other issue for “other important stuff” (😑) Also one of them is in student council, biiigggggggg red flag #tryingtobepopular.

Source by a double agent

The Chariot EIC is seen working on proofing a spread at a yearbook meeting (DUN DUN DUUUUN).

Clearly, these “editor-in-chiefs” are not what they always seem.

Aight bYe


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