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New Hyde Park High School Aims For Michelin Star With A Gourmet Makeover

By Abhiveer Singh

The New Hyde Park Memorial High School cafeteria has announced that they should be given a Michelin star because they believe that the food served here should be the gold standard of all food. This announcement that was released on the school website came out last Thursday, and many thought it was a joke. After all, this was the same cafeteria that was known for its iconic gray chicken sandwiches. So when students came into the cafeteria following this announcement, their reactions were full of disbelief. 

“I still do not know what’s happening,” senior Vincent Jiang said. "One day we are eating gray chicken, and the next, we are eating food that sounds like it’s out of a five-star restaurant.”

Realizing that the students are unsure of what is happening with the cafeterias, the next day, the cafeteria manager doubled down on the announcement by launching a new dish called “Savory Meatloaf,” which featured the same meatloaf recipe that had been used for the past century, but now with a homemade gravy.


Adding to their claim that they deserve a Michelin star, the cafeteria has introduced "French Fusion Friday," which promises to give us French food on a weekly basis. On top of this, they have also rolled out "Italian Day," featuring Italian-inspired dishes, and "World Wednesday," where food from the entire world will be seen in the New Hyde Park cafeterias. 


Source by Abhiveer Singh

Only NHP offers this new and improved gourmet-style cuisine.

This transformation also impacted the ambience of the cafeteria. The cafeteria now features silverware and paper napkins on each table shaped into origami. The school orchestra is also now heard playing classical music throughout the day in the cafeteria. The school cafeteria has transformed from your run-of-the-mill cafeteria to the equivalent of a fancy downtown restaurant. 


"I felt like I was in a different world at lunchtime now," senior Christopher Diep said. "I never thought I would enjoy orchestra music while eating meatloaf, but here we are."


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