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Welcoming New Teachers to NHP

By Jad Abukoush and Carmela Drossman-Schlossberg

This year, New Hyde Park has hired seven new teachers: Ms. Crimi, Mr. LoPinto, Ms. DiVello, Ms. Lee, Ms. Mannino, Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Genovese.

Ms. Crimi, the newest addition to the art department, attended Valley Stream North High School. Growing up, her teachers were her key role models as they made her feel welcome. She aspired to take after their ways by becoming an art teacher herself. She intends to educate more young students on, what she believes to be, the magic of art.

Source by Alvin Paul

Ms. Crimi hopes to inspire her students through her teaching.

Art has the power to bring people together and enhance our quality of life. The arts open doors to creative careers and make connections between all subjects,” Ms. Crimi said.

The latest member of the business faculty, Mr. LoPinto, earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in accounting from Baruch, an MBA from the University College of Dublin and a Teaching Certificate from Hofstra University. Mr. LoPinto believes in NHP’s community spirit as he has witnessed firsthand student and teacher involvement in numerous extracurricular activities.

Source by Areej Zaidi

Mr. LoPinto aims to become more involved the extracurricular activities.

“I want to attend at least 15 after-school events this school year (7 down, 8 to go)” Mr. LoPinto said.

Ms. DiVello, a new teacher in the math department, attended NHP Memorial herself. Since her graduation, she believes NHP has not changed, and she’s ecstatic to return to inspire other students the same way Ms. Kurian inspired her in seventh grade.

Source by Alvin Paul

Ms. DiVello returns to NHP after being inspired by her teachers as a student.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher growing up, but I did not know what subject I wanted to teach,” Ms. DiVello said. “Once I came to NHP in the 7th grade I had an amazing math teacher, Ms. Kurian, and she inspired me to be a math teacher!”

Ms. DiVello isn’t the only new member of staff who is a former New Hyde Park student. Ms. Lee graduated from NHP in 2009 and is now an ENL teacher. 

“I started at NHP when I was in 9th grade. I was a member of clubs such as Seekers, Library Club, Chambers and a peer mentor program," Ms. Lee said. "I appreciate the club culture at NHP; as a student it taught me skills that I still use today. I am very excited to be back. Even though there is a stark difference between being a student and a teacher, I feel welcomed every day.”

Source by Linda Cheung

NHP welcomes back Class of 2009 alum Ms. Lee, who teaches in the ENL department.

Ms. Mannino is a new world language teacher. She attended Connetquot High School, Fordham University for her bachelor’s degree and Stony Brook University for her master’s degree. She grew up in Bohemia on Long Island but also lived in NYC and Florence, Italy. Her parents and relatives were also from Italy, so she experienced a different language and culture at home. Her love for the culture and language of Italy, as well as her teachers, inspired her to become a teacher. Ms. Mannino is excited and enthusiastic about being a teacher in New Hyde Park.

“I LOVE NHP! NHP has such a lovely culture and a strong sense of community.  It feels like home and I'm looking forward to many more happy years here,” Ms. Mannino said.

Source by Linda Cheung

Ms. Mannino has lived in a variety of places, including New York City and Florence, Italy.

Ms. O’Connor is a new addition to the special education department. She wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten. She was inspired to become a teacher by her mother, who was a teacher as well. When she was 8 years old, Mr. Napoli was her lacrosse coach, who has now become her co-worker. Ms. O’Connor teaches in the Life Skills program, helping students become more independent, which she finds to be fun and rewarding. 

“Something that is important to me is to promote inclusion throughout the school.  All students should be celebrated for their own unique strengths and be accepted for who they are,” Ms.O’Connor said.

Source by Linda Cheung

Special Education teacher Ms. O'Connor feels inspired to teach because of her mother.

Another new addition to this year’s math teaching staff is Mr. Genovese, who now teaches geometry. He attended Wantagh High School where he was inspired by his math teacher Mrs. Grossane, and now he wants to share his enthusiasm for math with others. 

Source by Areej Zaidi

Mr. Genovese wishes to make his student excited about math.

The students are hardworking, there is a ton of school spirit from students and staff, and our administration is so helpful and supportive.  I hope to stay in NHP for a long time,” Mr. Genovese said.

These new teachers are both hard-working and compassionate. They will serve as influential role models to students and will help change NHP for the better. 


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