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Inspiring the Youth: Art Alumni Day

By Obed Glanson and Sameer Salehin

Students at New Hyde Park Memorial pursue their varied passions by selecting courses that match their interests. Of these courses, many students select art courses, with each student having their own reasoning for doing so. Whether to increase their knowledge of art, explore their passion or assist in the pursuit of a future career in the arts, students find it inspiring to learn from those who have already learned from life experience and are succeeding today. 

On November 22, Art Alumni Day returned to NHP for its fifth consecutive year. NHP alumni who pursued art-related majors and jobs returned to talk to students about their experience in their respective fields. Ms. Livoti and others worked to contact art alumni and help coordinate their return to NHP. This event facilitated by the Art department exemplifies their determination and dedication to teaching students.

“I organized the Art Alumni Day starting 5 years ago because I loved the idea of having our former students back and recognizing them for their hard work as they continued to pursue their goals in the arts,” art teacher Ms. Livoti said.

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

NHP Art Alumni come to tell students about their lives after graduating.

A variety of alumni came to Alumni Day, with their years of graduation from NHP ranging from 2012 to 2023. The alumni discussed their current careers and how to succeed in several fields, such as digital design, marketing, storyboard animation and more.

“I really like the idea of coming back to share my passions; it’s rewarding to see how far I’ve come and see where I can go from here,” class of 2023 alum Samnit Kaur said. 

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

NHP Alumni showcase the different avenues aspiring artists can take.

Many students shared positive feelings regarding Art Alumni Day, representing how much of an impact this day had on students. 

“It was inspiring to see returning students who benefited from art and how it’s influenced their lives,” freshman Leo Lociano said. 

Art Alumni Day was a rewarding event for all those involved.  Students were able to learn from positive the insight of those with more experience, while alumni enjoyed sharing their passion with a new generation of artists.


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