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Club Spotlight: Seekers

By Sarah Chummar and Sarah Solomon

Seekers is a Christian club that allows individuals to learn and celebrate the rich history of Christianity as well as practice their faith. Led by advisers Ms. Caliendo and Mr. Dolan, this community serves as an environment of learning, celebration and spiritual discovery for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

“Although I'm not Christian, I enjoy going to Seekers' meetings with my friends and participating in the activities and learning about Christianity,” sophomore Krish Singh said.

Source by Rachel Houng

Seekers celebrate Easter and are looking forward to their holiday party on December 20.

Every other Friday, the club has meetings that can include game days, bible studies and holiday parties with guest speakers. During meetings, there are not only discussions regarding Christian beliefs, but there is also singing of worship songs. The songs are led by the club’s very own choir, worship and praise team and pianist Jaiden Thomas. During bible studies, members discuss daily matters and stressors serving as a way for members to relax and relieve their stress.

This year, the Seekers have organized many different activities. They have had two general meetings which included classic activities and games that were interlaced with Christian teachings.  Also, the Seekers had their annual Thanksgiving potluck, which included music by their praise and worship team, a speech from Pastor Blake and food provided by Pastor Micah. 

Amidst the holiday season, The Seekers' officers and advisers are also planning an upcoming Christmas party, which many members of Seekers seem to be excited about. 

“Our goal is to spread hope and cheer to everyone,” Seekers adviser Ms. Caliendo said. “This year, we may be trying something different than our usual pizza party ... stay tuned to find out what we are planning! We have the best officers, and they are always working and planning to make Seeker's events amazing.  For our Christmas party, they are preparing themed games, themed snacks and desserts and a message that is inspiring for all!”  

Along with the anticipated Christmas party, Seekers is planning more meetings and bible studies, new merch, and even an Easter party later in the year. 

“I can truly say that being a part of Seekers has been one of my favorite experiences in high school,” Seekers Co-President Rebecca John said. “It’s a club that goes beyond meetings every Friday. It’s a community of people that are passionate about their faith and fellowship with each other.”

Participating students express that Seekers is more than just a club about Christianity’s history; it is a space where people can come together to discuss their religion, while also being able to freely discuss hardships that can be resolved through faith. With the help of the hard-working members, the club’s officers and advisors plan to continue to host events that are enjoyable for participating students at NHP.


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