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Viral With Your Valentine?

By Rachel Houng and Irene Paul

TikTok is a worldwide phenomenon affecting the lives of people of all ages, and TikTok fever has spread to New Hyde Park. With multiple people coming together to create content, many have found their niches here. Couples began to make joint content and are participating in many trends. This has popularized the idea of couples displaying their love for each other online. There are mixed reactions as to how these couples are portrayed in the media.

“Gives me Minecraft Boyfriend vibes. Not for me but you do you, boo boo,” junior Sabeena Ramdarie said.

“There are positives and negatives to TikTok couples, the good and the bad, it can be real but usually fake. Influencers will do anything for money. But hey there’s true love!” senior Sneha George said.

“They’re cute, just people living together famously, nothing really,” eighth-grader Aimee Mathew said.

Despite the opinions many students have on the topic, TikTok couples have set high expectations for real-life couples. Starting with the most recent trends in which couples have participated include recording flawless dances to trending songs, analyzing their glow-ups in relationships, and creating TikToks with seamless transitions from a video of the couple looking tired to a clip of them looking ready for a long night of partying. These trends have led many to question what is happening behind-the-scenes.

Source by Julia Esposito

Influencers flaunt their relationships on social media with cute photos and videos.

“​​I'm not sure what happens behind the scenes, but I believe that some couples, especially on TikTok, paint a facade to appeal to their audience. They could be doing it for the likes, shares, sponsorships, etc. However, I also do believe that the rest of the couples on TikTok have their good moments. Let’s hope that they are not faking it, especially with the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming right around the corner,” sophomore Angelina Alias said.

With many TikToks documenting a variety of content such as what a day in the life of that couple is like, working with companies by representing their product through brand collaborations, to behind-the-scenes of the TikToks they spend time creating, many are choosing to question the movie behind these short clips.

“It's all for clout, and it's mostly for money moves,” junior Roby Shaji said.

“I think it's all fake,” junior Tessa Cherian said.

Most of these trends, such as transition videos, have been constant throughout the years and grow as more participants take on a more creative perspective. The mass majority on TikTok has been the growth around the number of couples that have emerged. More couples are being noticed for the relationships they share with their followers. Many creators have grown and started to explore different trends that TikTok has to offer. One thing is for sure, “I love you for infinity…” will be stuck in the heads of viewers for a very long time.


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