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Teacher Superlatives

In January 2022, The Chariot held a Teacher Superlative contest and NHP's students, grades 9-12, voted for their top picks for many categories ranging from Biggest Foodie to Pet Crazy. The votes are in and, after some playful at the results!

Pet Crazy: Mr. Buith and Ms. Tomkiw

Source by Gregory Marzano

Special education teacher Mr. Buith (holding Miles) and music teacher Ms. Tomkiw cozy up with cuddly companions in the comfort of their homes.

Most Inspirational: Mr. Basil and Ms. Gelber

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Students can always count on math teacher Mr. Basil and science teacher Ms. Gelber to give them a thumbs up to remind students that they can do it!

Most Old School: Ms. Maniscalchi and Mr. Rood

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

World languages teacher Ms. Maniscalchi and social studies teacher Mr. Rood provide a blast from their past as students enter their classroom.

Most Tech-savvy: Ms. Flood and Mr. Brady

Source by Gregory Marzano

Business teacher Ms. Flood and tech teacher Mr. Brady's fingers can be seen typing away on their computers at 100 wpm.

Most Optimistic: Mr. Laugen and Dr. Lapiano-Smith

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Science teacher Dr. Lapiano-Smith and social studies teacher Mr. Laugen are optimistic about the eventual end of COVID and its mandates.

Biggest Foodie: Ms. Bacci and Mr. Grossi

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Math teacher Ms. Bacci and world languages teacher Mr. Grossi can always be counted on to act as students' own personal food connoisseurs.

Secret Superhero: Mr. Brusca and Ms. Salcedo

Source by Gregory Marzano

Math teacher Mr. Brusca and world languages teacher Ms. Salcedo fly into action to save the day!

Most Likely to Host a Talk Show: Ms. DelVecchio and Mr. Ferrara

Source by Gregory Marzano

Business teacher Ms. DelVecchio and English teacher Mr. Ferrara are sure to pour their hearts, souls and personalities into their stories.

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Student: Mr. Novak and Ms. Lombardo

Source by Gregory Marzano

Students can see social studies teacher Mr. Novak and science teacher Ms. Lombardo rush into class, blending in with the students, as the bell rings.

Most Likely to Win Jeopardy: Ms. Bansal and Mr. Sime

Source by Gregory Marzano

Science teacher Ms. Bansal and math teacher Mr. Sime are who students would bet their money on in any game of Jeopardy.

Rising Star: Dr. D'Orsogna and Mr. J. Ryan

Source by Gregory Marzano

Social studies teacher Dr. D'Orsogna and English teacher Mr. Ryan float up up and away as their popularity soars through the sky.

Dynamic Duo: Mr. D'Ammassa and Mr. Laricchiuta

Source by Mary Kay Mannle

Science teachers Mr. D'Ammassa and Mr. Laricchiuta take on any science experiment side by side.

Dynamic Duo: Ms. Calise and Ms. Fox

Source by Hannah Kim

Math teachers Ms. Calise and Ms. Fox are the best addition together.


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