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“To All the Boys” Bids Farewell

By Julia Si

The final installment of the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” movie series is being released just in time for Valentine’s Day. Starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, this popular teen rom-com is closing out the trilogy with “To All The Boys: Always and Forever,” coming out on February 12, 2021. Many fans are filled with excitement and are eager to see how the series will end.

“I really like the ‘To All The Boys’ trilogy. Not only is it entertaining, but it also conveys a really powerful message with the representation of an Asian American actress as a lead role. It speaks volumes about the growing inclusivity of minorities in Hollywood who have historically been given few opportunities to portray main characters. Another aspect that I enjoy about the series is being able to see the harmony between the two different cultural influences on the characters that represent both American and Korean culture. I think that’s one of the major positives of the series because it embraces and celebrates another culture, and I think that idea of being both American and having the traditional values of another culture resonates with a lot of people,” said junior Samantha Chang.

Source by Saffah Azeem

The entire "To All The Boys" series began with Lara Jean's love letters.

The third and final movie of the “To All The Boys series is a continuation of the previous two movies, highlighting Lara Jean’s crazy love life and experiences in high school. It all started in the first movie, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” when Lara Jean’s little sister, Kitty, sent out five love letters to five different boys. One boy in particular, Peter Kavinsky, confronted Lara Jean about the letter and they began fake dating to make Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous. Over time, their bond grew and their relationship wasn’t so fake anymore. Little did Peter know that he would fall in love with Lara Jean and they would start dating for real.

In the second movie of the series, “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” Lara Jean is reunited with another recipient of her love letters, John Ambrose McClaren. He confesses his love for her, and Lara Jean is stuck in the middle of a love triangle. She questions the strength of her relationship with Peter, since she has some feelings for John Ambrose as well. In an iconic moment, she realizes that she wants to be with Peter, and John Ambrose is left saddened by her sudden disappearance from his life. However, this is not the end of Lara Jean’s story.

“To All The Boys: Always and Forever” takes viewers through Lara Jean’s senior year, as she navigates college applications and her future endeavors. She has to consider what her future with her boyfriend will look like and where she wants to spend the next chapter of her life. Their original plan is to go to Stanford University together, but Lara Jean has some doubts. She takes a trip to Korea with her sisters, Margot and Kitty, who constantly remind her that she has to do what is best for her.

“It speaks volumes about the growing inclusivity of minorities in Hollywood who have historically been given few opportunities to portray main characters...”

After her senior trip, Lara Jean falls in love with New York City, wanting to explore possibilities other than Stanford. However, she has to consider how long distance could negatively impact her relationship. Nonetheless, the third movie is expected to be a dynamic film, following all the antics of a typical senior year -- college applications, senior trips, prom, and, of course, graduation. This movie brings the audience along with Lara Jean while she makes life-altering decisions about her future, while still keeping the light-hearted and heartwarming feel of the other two movies.

“I think she’s become so invested in her relationship with Peter that she’s going to follow him to college and lose sight of her true dreams for a boy. She’ll then realize she made a big mistake and will finally start focusing on herself,” said senior Nicolette Caneda.


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