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Wonder Woman Wows With Sequel

By Tessa Cherian and Priya Persaud

After the release and outstanding box office numbers of “Wonder Woman” in 2017, the sequel “Wonder Woman 1984,” was released this past Christmas through HBO Max. This new sequel brings back the iconic female actress, Gal Gadot, reprising her role of Diana Prince, otherwise known as Wonder Woman.

While reintroducing her enigmatic charisma to the screen, Gadot brings a sense of righteousness, goodness, and hope during these challenging times. Not only has the movie’s plot won the hearts of people, but it has also become an inspiration for many young girls and women. By presenting the protagonist with flaws like loneliness and overattachment to her former partner Steve Trevor, it demonstrated that women do not need to be flawless in character, and should accept their mistakes or so-called “imperfections.”

“Gadot displays empowering messages to young girls and women, bringing a refreshing perspective during these uncertain times...”

“When I watched ‘WW84’ for the first time, it was clear why so many saw it as a big deal. It was the first time a female superhero was shown on screen, and there is no doubt she paved the way for more empowering women in media in the years to come. Seeing a woman play that part may seem common now, but the release of the movie paved the way for more young actresses to be widely recognized and appreciated,” said sophomore Julie Joseph.

With qualities that highlight the balance of goodness and struggle, Gadot showed the truth of being a human. Not only has she become a role model for young girls all over the world, but she continues to deter the notion that women in society are weak and not as capable as men. Her strong, resilient, and outspoken presence leaves women with a sense of strength and determination.

“I really enjoyed seeing ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’ I loved how the characters in the story interacted with their environment. I thought Gal Gadot did a fantastic job at inspiring teens, by showing her strength both physically and emotionally. She really conveyed the strength every girl has. This movie, to me, was a step in the right direction,” said sophomore Luke Jacob.

Reproduced with permission from Flickr

Gal Gadot stands strong as an inspiration for future generations of females in her second Wonder Woman movie "WW84."

Due to the new safety measures taken during the pandemic, “WW84” was released on HBO Max. Although traditionally, the debut of such a highly anticipated and budgeted movie would premiere in theaters, executives have started making the switch to video streaming platforms, adding to the at-home atmosphere of watching movies from the comfort of one’s couch. Those who could not watch the movie in the theater were able to subscribe to HBO Max and watch it with no additional charge.

Overall, “Wonder Woman 1984” is arguably an ideal movie to make people feel a sense of optimism and hope. Gadot displays empowering messages to young girls and women, bringing a refreshing perspective during these uncertain times.


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