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The Truth...

By Rachel BOuhng

Capitalism opens the gateway of opportunity, allowing many companies to flourish under the system of general “laissez faire.” However, there is a dark side to capitalism, the emergence of monopolies. New Hyde Park Memorial High School is no exception to this historical pattern of certain authorities gaining more control over others.

Source by Lauren DiGregorio

Editors-in-chief of The Chariot literally work their staff to death, physically threatening them if they are unable to complete their work.

The Chariot’s own editors-in-chief operate a monopoly of authority. Writers are expected to adhere to certain writing rules. The Chariot is an establishment of free speech yet prevents the use of the Oxford comma. Not only is the Oxford comma prevented in the paper, there is a specific format that writers are expected to follow.

Writers have expressed their opinions on the limit of their speech.

“Our, own, school, newspaper, won’t, let, me, write, the, way, that, I, want, to, write,” said anonymous.

The Chariot also prevents the utilization of anonymity, where students must reveal their identity to be quoted in an article. With such limits in place, writers must take a step back to consider whether it is truly worth writing for a newspaper that has tedious rules in place.

While many teachers are proud to display their status as married, the Chariot prevents the phrase “Mrs” being used in the paper to encourage uniformity. Students are expected to conform to uniformity rather than expressing their own individuality because the newspaper created a set of rules they must conform to.

“I’m proud of my wedding ring and have had students attend my wedding, many come and ask whether I am still married after that ghastly publication drops an issue,” Mrs. Minnie .

The Chariot also places itself in the spotlight, taking away awareness of other publications. Yearbook is an integral part of highschool students as it is an accumulation of each senior’s memories, yet they receive no credit for their work because of the newspaper. NHP Productions is present at every school event, yet they receive little to no spotlight over their accomplishments. Arena is disregarded as a publication because of the fact that Chariot consistently takes over the morning announcements, emails, and space in the Student Activities room.

With such astounding charges pressed against this publication, should it even be allowed to run?

Many students think Chariot’s printer has run out of ink.

“It’s about time Yearbook gets recognition for all their work and freedom in writing,”

“Chariot is so outdated, who even reads the newspaper anymore?”

Rumor has it, Chariot will be kicked out of the Student Activities room because of this backlash. This opens up space for other publications to flourish as Chariot’s ink has run dry.

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Fatima Naysa
Fatima Naysa
11 avr. 2022

I-its true

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