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The Scandal of Social Media Couples

By Gregory Marzano

People of all backgrounds are involved in relationships, whether the relationships are purely platonic or romantic. However, celebrities are faced with another challenge. Since celebrities choose to share their lives on social media, they have to set boundaries as to how much of their information is released to the public. Celebrities may not share who they are in a relationship with right from the start, just in case things do not end up working out, or for a sense of privacy because they share almost everything else about their life online.

Recently, it has been confirmed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, one of social media’s most influential couples, have filed for divorce. Although they just recently shared their relationship with the public in 2012, they met in 2003. After the announcement of their divorce, users on social media were quick to make memes and to spread rumors. Rumors that West had an affair with Jeffree Star, a popular YouTuber and makeup artist, spread like wildfire. As a result, these speculations created even more unnecessary drama between Kardashian and West amid their divorce.

“Social media can be really detrimental to relationships between celebrities. Since the news is always looking for a new story, I feel like everything gets blown out of proportion. They take any signs of discourse and turn them into launching points for theories to start fights and breakups, it all just seems really stressful,” said junior Ella Tam.

Reproduced with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ending their relationship after six years, shocking their huge fanbase.

Social media holds influencers to extremely high standards. Some people feel as if they know everything about a particular influencer because they share so many details about their life on social media. Influencers also tend to only show the positive sides of their lives and conceal whenever a breakup or divorce happens. People often forget that celebrities are also humans and that they share similar aspects to life as an ordinary person does. If the general public does not want every single detail about their relationship shared with the world, celebrities likely feel the same.

“I think people on social media tend to glamorize celebrity relationships way too much to the point where a normal celebrity relationship doesn’t entertain the media anymore. The media likes to fabricate lies and drama which is why we see many couples in Hollywood falling out of love so quickly because their world essentially revolves around people judging their every move,” said junior Rachel Xie.


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