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The New Scoop on Buith

By Izhaan Ahmed

After several years away, Coach Buith, alongside his dog Miles, has returned to the varsity cross-country and track teams for this school year.

Coach Buith started teaching at New Hyde Park in 2009. In 2016, he led the boys varsity spring track team to earn their first title in NHP history. Immediately after leaving high school coaching in 2017, he coached cross-country at Nassau Community College for a year and then Molloy College. During his tenure, Buith coached Molloy’s mens cross-country team, which eventually placed second in the East Coast Conference Championships, as well as the NHP boys track and field team, which broke 12 program records during their season.

Source from William Buith

Mr. Buith coaches and runs alongside Miles.

Currently, Coach Buith works with the varsity cross-country team as the assistant to Coach DelSanto. He is set to return as head coach for the varsity winter track and field team and as the boys coach for varsity spring track and field.

Coach Buith has plans to expand the scope of the team in the coming years, a task he successfully did in the past with Molloy College’s running program, expanding a 30-player program to a team of more than 160 athletes.

“The success from the coach comes from the athletes, obviously, but I think it’s more about the relationships that you create and the trust of the coach. The athletes… have to believe what the coach is selling,” Coach Buith said. “Being away for five years and during COVID was very difficult…What made it exciting to come back is seeing students come back after being away for a year and a half to two years of not having any sports or any social interaction. You’re seeing with a lot of students around here that people want to try and get back to being involved, and for me, I want to get people involved in cross-country/track and field. I want to draw those students that felt lonely or didn’t have that many people to interact with or talk with in these difficult times. That social aspect and working with people to understand their bodies a little bit more in terms of taking care of their health…comes with being an athlete.”

NHP cross-country runners are excited to have the expertise of both Coach DelSanto and Coach Buith for this school year and for years to come.

“I feel that he is very motivational, and a consequence of that is [Coach Buith] makes us work hard,” junior Lucas O’Connor said.

“It’s reassuring having [Coach Buith] around and nice to see another experienced coach with a different perspective of how to coach. It gives a different view. His dog Miles is also cool,” junior Shann Ramdam said.

“Coach Buith’s comeback to coaching is crazy. He ran a 4:40 mile back at Molloy, and now, with help from him and Coach Del Santo, we will be a stronger and faster team,” senior Jake Chew said.


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