You Be the "Judge"

MLB Fans Debate Whether the Home Run King Title Belongs to Barry Bonds or Aaron Judge

By Arjit Nair and Dylan Sanichara

Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run, setting the new American League record for home runs in a season. The Yankees faced success this season, with fans giving significant credit to number 99. Statistically, Judge had one of the most prominent seasons in baseball history. Not only did he break the American League home run record, but also also led the league in almost every batting category.

Judge tied Babe Ruth with his 60th home run, tied the American League record of 61 home runs set by Roger Maris and finally set the new record himself. On October 4, Judge hit the league leading home run. He led the MLB in the most wins above replacement amongst all players and had the highest on base and slugging percentage. In addition to this, he had the most runs and total bases scored.

Many students of NHP feel Judge’s accomplishments are impressive and record breaking.

“Judge did it. He set his mind to it and completed the goal. There’s a new home run king, and he’s

from the ‘Big Apple,’” sophomore Christopher Munge said.

Artwork by Sabeena Ramdarie

Aaron Judge hits his 62nd home run, making him a baseball sensation.

Despite Judge's accomplishments this year, many fail to crown him the home run king. In the National League, the record for home runs hit in a season is 73 and was set by MLB legend Barry Bonds. Bonds is known for being one of the most unstoppable forces and threats any pitcher could ever face. He leads MLB history in intentional walks with 120 and career home runs with 762. Despite his notable career, Bonds is viewed as a controversial athlete due to his years of substance abuse.

“Personally as a Mets fan, I am still extremely fond of Judge setting the home run record although he’s a Yankee player," junior Brandon Noguera said. "Overall, he’s a beast in the field and an extremely charismatic person off it. Everyone has respect for the guy, and personally, I think it’s an honor for a New York player to hold the record. A common debate is whether the home run king title belongs to Judge or Bonds, but I think it's an easy answer. Judge deserves it since he didn’t use steroids.”

“In my opinion, I still think the king is Barry Bonds. Even though he used steroids, they can’t change stats. Until someone hits more than 73 home runs, it’s still Bonds,” sophomore Charles Vasquez said.

“I believe that Barry Bonds is the home run champion. Even though he used performance-enhancing drugs, they weren’t illegal at the time in that particular sport,” said Coach Robins.

A historic season of this magnitude can only be sealed by achieving one of baseball's greatest accomplishments. October is here, and the chase for over 73 home runs continues.

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68% of NHP students feel Aaron Judge is more deserving than Barry Bonds for the title of home run leader.