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The Most Important Meal of the Day: EIC Rates Breakfast Schoolie

By Linda Cheung

Since February 1, 2024, all NHP students are eligible to receive one breakfast and one lunch every day at no cost. Additionally, every student must present their ID to receive one breakfast or one lunch. Since breakfast and lunch is now free, I decided to rate breakfast schoolie and rank it out of five stars. Since some breakfast options the cafeteria serves are packaged– such as cereal, cereal bars, and muffins– I chose to rate prepared foods including schoolie bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and smoothies. 

Source by Linda Cheung

NHP's cafeteria serves a combination of prepackaged and prepared foods, including cereal, cereal bars and muffins, along with smoothies, yogurt parfaits, bagels and breakfast sandwiches.

Schoolie Bagel


Source by Linda Cheung

Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign encouraged students to eat healthier and become more active, but also made all bread whole wheat in the process. Thanks Michelle Obama :(

The first thing that I noticed about schoolie bagel is that it is whole wheat. I prefer my bagels to be white flour. The texture of the bagel tastes like a normal bagel and tastes fresh, and I like that you are given the option of either butter or cream cheese (I chose butter). The butter is easily spreadable, which is better compared to using a stick of butter at home that might be harder to spread. However, having the option to toast your bagel would make the schoolie bagel even better. I rate schoolie bagel 3 stars. 

Schoolie Breakfast Sandwich (Sausage Egg and Cheese)


Source by Linda Cheung

The NHP cafeteria's sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich almost tastes like McDonald's if you close your eyes and taste it hard enough.

If you are choosing a schoolie breakfast option based on what is the most filling, it would probably be the schoolie breakfast sandwich. Upon taking a bite, I noticed that the sausage did taste like a breakfast sausage, and its maple syrup taste reminded me of a McDonald’s sausage egg and cheese. However, the whole wheat bun brought the breakfast sandwich down 1 star, because the whole wheat adds a somewhat noticeable taste to the sandwich. Out of all of the breakfast options, the schoolie breakfast sandwich and bagel are some of the easier options to bring to class compared to schoolie cereal, with the breakfast sandwich being the more convenient option out of the two. I rate schoolie breakfast sandwiches 4 stars.

Schoolie Smoothie


Source by Linda Cheung

A vanilla yogurt and fruit schoolie smoothie, Scooby-Doo graham crackers and SunCup apple juice make for a healthy and balanced breakfast at 8am.

Compared to all other schoolie options, the schoolie smoothie is the most convenient option to bring to a class. Since the smoothie is in a plastic cup, it’s easy to pay attention in class and drink it without a mess. Other schoolie options, such as a bagel, require adding butter or cream cheese, which could distract from a teacher’s lecture. However, the schoolie smoothie is not as filling compared to the schoolie breakfast sandwich or bagel. If you have an earlier lunch period, the schoolie smoothie might be a better choice. If you have a later lunch period, prepare to feel hungry later in the day. However, the smoothie’s paper straw takes one star off of the rating, because the straw starts to disintegrate after more than 30 minutes. Also, the width of the straw is quite thin, so it’s harder to drink the smoothie. If the straw were a bit thicker and plastic, it would be easier to drink the smoothie and the straw would last longer. Besides the straw, the flavor of the smoothie is sweet but not too sweet, and tastes like vanilla yogurt and fruit. I rate schoolie smoothies 4 stars. 


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