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The Chariot Runs on Dunkin’

By The Better Editor-in-Chief

After begging me for dunkin and making me her doordash driver, Olivia finally grew from like 4 feet to 8 feet 10 inches NBA player height because of all the peach passion fruit refresher she drank. Ur welcome Liv anytime. I also wasted all my free drink rewards on you :)

She is now taller than greggypoo who is suing dunkin for the growth hormones in her drinks. Also she can finally drive and see over the steering wheel without her booster seat.

“I really don’t know now y Olivia is so tall it’s actually scary when she yells at us about justifying articles,” said greggypoo.

“I can finally dunk and I’m getting D1 Bball offers,” said our now really tall groupme spammer eic.


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