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Senior Shirt Day

By Tina Torre

New Hyde Park's seniors displayed their school pride throughout senior week, a period of making memories and simultaneously commemorating the accomplishments of high school that led up to this week. The student body predominantly attributes senior week to the participants' silly costumes and comical personas. However, Senior Shirt Day serves as a reminder that senior week represents more than the costumes. Senior week celebrates both the unity and individualism of the students.

Source from Laurence Lai

Laurence Lai, Angelina Ng and Ella Tam stand in front of the senior mural.

"I think it was really cool seeing everyone wearing the senior t-shirts in school. It was kind of a reminder that even with the events of the past few years, we are still able to come together and celebrate the end of our time in high school," senior Lauren Printz said.

Source by Hannah Kim

Alicia Koshy, Elisa George, Faiza Ahmed, Tiffany Wong, Haris Dervisevic, Grace Aderibigbe, Jordyn Neu, Nicole Lelay and Ethan Pineda wear their matching shirts to lunch.

Along with the gratitude seniors felt towards their high school endeavors, the students cherished the joys of senior week. Some students perceived the mutual agreement of wearing matching shirts as comical.

“I really enjoyed sharing the senior week experience with my friends. Senior Shirt Day was interesting because it was so weird and funny to see everyone wear the same shirts, even though it was planned," senior Miranda Lin said.

In addition, even with the senior class wearing identical shirts, the unique personalities of the students encompassing New Hyde Park remained on the surface. Some students emanated school spirit by including their own customization to their outfits.

"I had one of my mom's friends customize it [the shirt] for my friends and I. Senior week was a great experience," senior Alexa Rago said.

Source from Alexa Rago

Konstantine Parlapanides, Stephanie Ragusa and Alexa Rago use their last names to personalize their senior shirts.

One of the last days of senior week, Senior Shirt Day spurred sentimental feelings amongst the New Hyde Park students.

Source from Miranda Lin

Lauren Printz and Miranda Lin smile in their coordinating outfits.

"I think it was on that day where it really hit me how far we've come as a class, especially since most of my friends are from elementary school, so we've known each other for so long. There was definitely both a sense of unity and the classic attitude of 'someone's gotta change,'" Lin said.

Senior Shirt Day paid homage to all that the seniors have worked for. Having their own motivations and aims for the future, each senior's story was honored.


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