Student Teacher Day

By Christina Wilson

Senior week is a memorable time for the graduating class. It is a chance to make some fun and lasting memories as they approach new chapters in their lives. As seniors approached the end of senior week, they had a small taste of what it is like to be a true senior in the school. They did such by becoming the individuals they look up to: teachers. Many had a chance to live a day in the life of a favored teacher and anticipate what it truly feels like to be an adult.

Source from (top left) Tesna Cherian and by Christina Wilson

Areesha Imran, Ms. Hungaría, and Tesna Cherian (top left) display their cohesiveness with matching outfits; Mr. Brusca, Christina Mark and Tiffany Wong (top right) shock their students with their resemblance; Samantha Chang and Anitta Kottai (bottom) demonstrate a hands-on chemistry experiment with Dr. Lapiano-Smith's students.

"It was fun! It was a great learning experience for me to get to know how a real teacher goes through their day. I used a lot of different skills when creating the lessons and learned how I can make it both educational and fun for my students," senior Tesna Cherian said.

"Student Teacher day was an awesome experience and I had a lot of fun being 'Dlaps.' I love chemistry itself, and my favorite part of the day would definitely have to be conducting experiments like elephant toothpaste and blasting the iconic air horn," senior Samantha Chang said.

Source by Kaitlyn Bell

Seniors Mahek Chaudry and Sydra Daniyal actively teach Ms. Gelber's AP Biology class.

"Student Teacher day was such an amazing and memorable day for us! It gave me such a different perspective on teachers and allowed me to create irreplaceable memories even though it may have felt like an ordinary day for the students, " senior Mahek Chaudry said.

Source from Alexa Rago

Senior Alexa Rago and Mr. D'Ammassa are all smiles with their twinning outfits.

"Being a student teacher was so fun and an amazing experience! I loved getting to work with Mr. D'Ammassa's seventh and eighth grade students! Dressing like D'Ammassa was the best part though. It was so fun," senior Alexa Rago said.