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Mid-year Memories

By Evelyn Joseph

The middle of the school year is here, and students have had many experiences coming back to school. The start of school this year was an experience unlike any other because of the unique end to last year. Every student has experienced this year differently, and for some, it has been eventful.

“Transitioning back to school from remote learning has been going well, however, the workload has been quite difficult to handle. Most students aren’t wearing their masks properly, which can cause a COVID outbreak among other students. Coming from someone who took COVID protocols seriously, it was frustrating at the very least to find out that I tested positive for COVID,” junior Madeline Bansgopaul said.

Practicing proper mask etiquette and transitioning to a consistent workload has been challenging to many students. However, some believe that teachers have been understanding and putting themselves into the students' shoes for the past two years.

“Teachers have been extremely lenient, and they understand our external issues. They relate to us and are making this the easiest transition for us,” junior Tessa Cherian said.

“While it has been hard for some to adjust, many are very excited to be back and feel that we are returning closer to what was once considered normal...”

Many have found that other students in the school have made for a great support system, since so many are going through similar situations. For some, going online was not easy and the week of remote learning brought back that feeling.

“Even though we were only remote for a week, it took a lot out of me. The fear of getting randomly called on was just very stressful, and it was close to impossible to focus,” junior Anjali Macwan said.

“Coming back to school this year has been a drastic change for us all but was definitely something worthwhile. From seeing my friends everyday to being able to talk with my favorite teachers, this year has definitely been a good comeback for me, as well as many others,” junior Leah Mathew said.

Artwork by Ashwathi Chemban

Entering the second semester, students reflect on the first half of the school year and start the countdown to the end of the year.

While it has been hard for some to adjust, many are very excited to be back and feel that they are returning closer to what was once considered normal.

“I'm very happy to be where we are today. When we went remote for one week it gave me PTSD, because I'm not a fan of it, and I miss my kids too much. I think everyone is doing the best they can in the circumstances we are in. I definitely like this year better than last year, since hybrid learning was a total nightmare. I think it’s great for us to be all together again,” Spanish teacher Ms. Salcedo said.

As NHP progresses into the second semester there will be many changes, both good and bad. However, many have taken this year as a way to recover and get back on their feet.


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