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Suit Up for Spring Sports

By Joel Massey and Jarrel Tondreau

With winter’s end and warmer weather here, Gladiators are seeing the return of the spring sports season.

This year’s varsity track team has sprinted to the top, continuously winning meet after meet. The team is led by Coach Buith and assistant Coach Del Santo with a dedicated batch of runners, composed of both returning and new students.

“The spring track season is going excellent. With Coach Buith coming back to coach the spring track team, the team has been receiving quality coaching and practice during the first half of the season. We have been gradually improving and moving forward. Our team will get very far into divisions and counties. We have very promising runners, and I look forward to seeing how far they can go,” senior Luke Jacob said.

Source by Mirolla Mekaiel

The varsity track team runs to capture the sky as the sun sets after practice.

Coached by Mr. Basil, the boys varsity tennis team has displayed both dedication and drive. The boys are excited to persevere through the season with hopes to swing their way to success.

“At first I was unsure about joining tennis, but with enough of Mr. Basil’s persuading, I joined. Through the season, my thoughts on tennis changed, and I really enjoy the sport now. I am really excited for next year as well,” junior Chad Zboril said.

Source by Rachel Houng

Rishi Singh engages in a ghost volley drill; Noble Jacob, Alan Sikora and Gowrisankar Palanickal chat in between workouts at practice; Alan Sikora focuses on his technique before making contact with the ball; Noble Jacob participates in a doubles drill.

Coach Rotandaro leads the boys varsity baseball team and hopes to improve on last year’s progress and make another appearance in the playoffs. Although experiencing a rocky start, the boys have consistently fought to put their all into games. Recently, the boys saw win against Great Neck South, ending with a score of 10-4.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

The varsity baseball team displays pride after defeating Great Neck South.

“This year is filled with future star talent with many sophomores, juniors and even a freshman. We may not be where we want to be now, but I believe that they will be amazing in the years to come,” senior Edric Balgos said.

Source by Rachel Houng

Junior Ian Alana warms up before the varsity baseball game against Great Neck South.

The varsity softball team has had to grind out wins this season and work with the program getting smaller. Despite this, many of the girls are happy with their progression and hope to build on this in the second half of the season.

Sources by Darsh Mirchandani

Second baseman Margaret Gray warms up in between innings; Kaitlyn Bell and Ava Orbon support their team and do the game book; Left fielder Madison Reilly gets up at bat; The infielders strengthen their game-plan at the mound; Pitcher and third baseman Kaitlyn Pergola attempts a swing.

“In the beginning, we had to adapt to having a smaller team. Everyone had to learn new positions. Over the last few weeks, we have really developed our communication and teamwork,” senior Maggie Gray said.

The girls varsity lacrosse team has been performing well this season. With good team chemistry and motivation, the girls are feeling ready to keep driving ahead toward playoff season. The girls did especially well in their game against Bellmore JFK, where they were able to put on a 7-3 win.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

Girls varsity lacrosse gathers after a 7-3 win against Bellmore JFK.

“We feel really good about our season so far. The girls and I have put in so much commitment to this team,” junior Sarah-Rose Dempsey said.

Source by Rachel Houng

Coach McKeough directs the girls varsity lacrosse team in executing drills at practice; The team creates a mock-game to prepare them for their upcoming match.

The boys varsity lacrosse team has continuously shown their commitment to the sport, showcasing their skills and passion with each cradle. The boys seem to click well, starting the season off strong with wins. While playing against Great Neck South, the boys were down at halftime and felt discouraged. However, after an exciting and motivational halftime chat, the team was able to come back and win 15-8.

Source from Emily Speter

Peter Lener blocks off a defender while scooping for the ball.

“I look forward to playing every day with this team after practicing so hard in the off-season. We really built up our team chemistry,” senior Peter Lener said.

Source from Mr. Patrick Maguire

The boys varsity lacrosse team celebrates a 15-6 win over Baldwin.


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