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Glads Commit to College

By Morgan Oberwiler

After six years of dedication, commitment and drive, many NHP student-athletes have displayed appreciation for their sport. Several students have been given the opportunity to showcase their skills and continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.

For example, senior and goalie Shane Antao is committed to play Division I soccer at the University of New Haven next year. Kevin Reilly is committed to play Division III football at Western New England University.

"I'm excited to be going to WNE next year to continue my athletic career and train with the coaches and players," senior Kevin Reilly said.

Source from nhp_athletics Instagram

Kevin Reilly proudly represents the Golden Bears where he will be playing Division III football.

“Soccer has always been the love of my life , ever since I started playing as a little boy. Nothing was more fun than the memories that I made in school soccer,” senior Shane Antao said. “Ironically, nothing hurt me more than when we lost the playoff game and it meant that high school soccer was over. This being said, this coming year I look forward to training to my heart's content and pushing my body to its limit. This is not just about improving at this point, to me, it’s about doing everything possible to win, so I never feel the pain of losing soccer ever again.”

Source from nhp_athletics Instagram

Shane Antao committed to played Division I soccer at University of New Haven.

From playing in junior high to advancing to varsity, NHP senior athletes reflect on their favorite sports experiences.

“My favorite moment in lacrosse was last year, my junior season, when we had an overtime win against Uniondale. When we scored that goal, we all ran down the field to hug our goalie, it was a great feeling. For college, I’m looking forward to changing things up and really pushing myself to play at a higher level. I’m excited for the competitiveness of the college level,” senior Peter Lener said.

Source from Peter Lener

Boys varsity lacrosse captain Peter Lener faces an opponent while cradling the ball.

Source from nhp_athletics Instagram

Maliea Saccheri is committed to play Division III soccer at SUNY Oneonta.

Motivation and hard work has driven many senior athletes to be the best version of themselves on-and-off the field. Many seniors push themselves to help their teammates in moving on to playoffs towards the end of the season, revealing their leadership roles. Many college coaches recognize this, admiring their courage and discipline.

“I had to keep motivated to make sure the football team kept strong and held a good record. By intensely pushing my teammates, Maritime coaches noticed and decided to scout me. I am so excited to play in college,” senior Walter Reyes said.

Source from nhp_athletics Instagram

Varsity football captain Walter Reyes committed to continuing his athletic career at Maritime College for Division III football.

Off the field, many seniors are making sure to build relationships with their teammates and cherish every remaining moment. Doing this allowed them to build a good rapport with their respective college coaches.

“This year, the varsity field hockey team had a great bond together! I think it will definitely translate to college because I’ve learned how much a strong bond with your team off the field matters on the field,” senior Caley Caleca said.

Source from Caley Caleca

Caley Caleca signs a letter of intent to continue playing field hockey with Molloy University's Division II team.


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