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Senior Prom: Tearing at the Seams

By Anna Winter

For years, prom fashion styles have evolved with each graduating class. With these changes, people have had their differences. This year specifically, the guys could not decide on which pants were fit for the night of their lives. To be long or to be short, that is the question. 

Students arguing for long pants point to traditionalism as their answer. Many feel that it is their job to keep tradition going by wearing tuxedo pants. Some students have gone so far as to wear only dress pants until senior prom. 

Source by Homo Erectus 

Students arguing for long pants to senior prom cite this picture of the first-ever recorded prom.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, students pushing for short pants wish to show their individualism and creativity. Many feel that they are not simply a name with hidden legs, but someone who proudly shows off their calves.

Source by Vouge

Students use the added mobility of shorts to express their creative visions.

To make matters worse, the venue for this year's prom- Russos On The Bay - is located directly on the water. In the eyes of the student body, this is an amazing opportunity to show off their swimming skills. 

Will students reach a conclusion by June, or will they be doomed to wander the dance floor in a sea of fashion faux pas? Only time will tell. Until then, the struggle continues, one 5” inseam at a time.


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