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Revamping Retail: Changes in Lake Success Shopping Center

By Nikhil Raj

Lake Success Shopping Center is one of the most well-visited shopping plazas in New Hyde Park. Customers flock to multiple stores, ranging from popular retail chains to local dining establishments. In addition to the shopping center’s preexisting popularity, recent renovations have introduced the new kid on the block, grabbing the attention and spending money of New Hyde Park civilians: Target.

With so many stores coming and going, Lake Success has endured many recent renovations. For one, big retail chains are moving in, and a prime example of this is Target. As viewed by many, Target is going to be the largest one-stop destination in Lake Success.

“I feel amazing to be a part of this journey within Target and this neighborhood," Target Store Director Jerry Volpe said. “I know the neighborhood has been waiting for this store for about 5 years, between reception and permitting and other such, but we are super happy to be part of the community.”

Target’s introduction wasn’t an overnight change. However, to many, it is worth the wait. Inside of Target, there is a Starbucks and a CVS Pharmacy, making it a great anchor to Lake Success. Still, its popularity brings concerns to NHP residents.

“I have concerns about the environmental impact, particularly the traffic. The amount of people coming in, predominantly from Queens, will not have enough parking space,” Caroline Valenski-Tartaro, a longtime resident of New Hyde Park, said. 

Source by Linda Cheung

The NHP community flocks to the newly opened Target to experience the triple decker store.

Due to the high number of stores in Lake Success, parking is already an issue for shoppers. With the addition of Target, the existing parking lot will continue to fill at rapid rates.

Despite short term problems, Target is a great addition to the shopping center. One positive is the accessibility of this store; it will be much closer than the Target stores in Westbury, Valley Stream and Elmont, the closest Targets for NHP shoppers before the recent renovation.

“The Target in Westbury is super crowded, so I think this store will hopefully alleviate some of the foot traffic,” special education teacher Mrs. Nicastro said.

“I think Target coming to NHP is a great thing,” senior Benita John said. “Usually my family has to travel all the way to Westbury which is pretty far, but due to the Target in Lake Success, it will be easier to get basic necessities.” 

Not only will customers be affected, but so will businesses. With more people going to Target, other businesses will draw in bigger crowds and hopefully boost their business growth.

“With the new Target coming in we hope it will give us a bigger crowd,” Lake Success Bagel Boss General Manager Harry Bhasin said. “The more stores the better for business, so hopefully business growth is positive.”


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