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Recovering and Reflecting

By Grace Aderibigbe

After a full year of masks, social distancing, and constant fear, the uncertainty that came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic looks like its finally come to an end as the distribution of vaccines are at an all time high.

With just over 54% of New York State’s population getting at least one dose of the vaccine, New York is coming closer and closer to their goal of having 70% of America protected from the virus in order to reach herd immunity. In light of this, citizens notice many of New York State’s capacity restrictions being lifted and businesses getting up and running again.

While many report a feeling of relief and enjoyment in following this stride back to normal, some still hold reservations about what life looks like after COVID-19 and just how much is going to change.

Regardless, overall spirits seem to rise as students, parents and teachers can agree on one thing—they are excited to partake in the activities that the COVID-19 virus took from them like sports, going to the gym, and meeting with family.

Source from Grace Aderibigbe

NHP students share their thoughts on their future during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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