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Seniors Off to the Finish Line

By Faiza Ahmed

Yearbook Distribution and College T-shirt Day certainly caused many seniors to reminisce about their time at New Hyde Park Memorial. Both events signified the end of their high school experience and the beginning of adulthood.

“I loved seeing people I haven’t seen in so long whether that be all year or from my elementary school. It was nice to see everyone before high school ends,” said senior Sarah Belmonte.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, yearbook distribution was different this year, but still ensured a joyful experience for all students. Starting at the beginning of ninth period, students were invited to receive their yearbooks if they had completely paid their class dues. The tables were set up in alphabetical order, and both in-person and remote students came down to the auditorium to pick up their yearbooks.

Source by Gayathri Suresh

Receiving yearbooks is one of the most monumental parts of senior year. Senior Gauri Shyamnath hands out yearbooks to seniors eagerly waiting to see this year's theme.

“The yearbook staff including the editors were able to come early to see their work finally in their hands first which is super exciting! We decided it would be best for everyone else to pick up their books together. I know it’s much anticipated,” said senior yearbook copy editor Gauri Shyamnath.

“I went yesterday, and it was fun seeing students get the yearbook into their hands at last. I saw my peers at yearbook distribution, fewer people than I imagined but still worth it,” said senior yearbook design editor Joyce Chen.

Overall, COVID-19 will not stop the fun tradition of yearbook signing, and students cannot wait to write funny memories in each others’ books.

“It was super slow but so rewarding to see the hard work in a tangible setting. It felt earned, which was the best part; it became a testament to how much I grew and came out of my shell in high school,” said senior yearbook editor-in-chief Emily Locker.

College T-Shirt day was on both Thursday, May 27, and Friday, May 28 to accommodate both Hybrid A and B students. For students who will be attending a local college or moving across the country, they had another opportunity to bond over their connection as NHP Gladiators.

Sources from Ari Boldur, Nicolette Caneda, Isabella Rodriguez, Gayathri Suresh, and Emily Locker

Clockwise from the top left: Ari Boldur and Julia Si represent their colleges for a picture; Nicolette Caneda, Maria Poulos, Sofia Quijada, and Jenna Neu pose for a picture in the Tully parking lot; Katrina Rivers, Ari Boldur, Hailey McKowski, Bella Bigeni, Isabella Rodriguez, Sarah Belmonte, Gina Bamberger, and Emily Locker say "peace out" to NHP; Saanvi Mirchandani, Olivia Wong, and Gayathri Suresh stand together excited for the future; Locker and Keralyn Lener smile for a picture to show off their college merchandise.

“College T-shirt day is a time where we all get to express our pride in attending our future colleges and universities. We get to learn not only where each person is going to college, but also who else they might be going with,” said senior Evan Kreth.

“I think college T-shirt day is a great way for us to know who is going to move on with us. I feel like a lot of the time our closest friends don’t go to the same colleges. So, when we see other people wearing a sweatshirt from the same college, it’s nice even if they aren’t already our friends from high school,” said senior Yasmin Abdelhamid.


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