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Players Rep Pep: Spring Sports Pep Rally

By Samarth Jani and Fiona O'Reilly

At the start of the spring sports season, New Hyde Park gathers to carry out a tradition that supports springtime athletes: spring pep rally. The pep rally started with NHP’s senior high band playing “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga to hype up students before the sports teams were announced.

“The New Hyde Park [band] performed two beautiful arrangements of songs including the national anthem, conducted by senior Luke Jacob, and ‘Edge of Glory,’ conducted by myself,” junior Ayush Patel said. “Both songs created a wonderful atmosphere for the spring pep rally.”

At the conclusion of the band’s performance, senior drummer Matthew Zatz performed a drum solo while being held upside down in the air with the help of fellow pep band members.

“Watching Matthew Zatz being held upside down while playing the drums was amazing. That kid has so much talent,” freshman Erik Oberwiler said.

Sources by Areej Zaidi

Mr. Basil prepares to introduce the boys on the varsity tennis team; Abigail Varghese, Ayush Patel and Joseph Marino support Matthew Zatz as he plays the drums upside down; Alexa Stec and Rachel Priest pep up the stands with their walk out representing the girls varsity lacrosse team.

After the performances by band members, sports teams walked out one by one to promote Gladiator pride. The teams were asked to prepare and perform a skit when they walked out, such as acting out a home run or riding in on each other's backs. The sports teams put in ample amounts of effort to entertain the audience.

Source by Tina Torre

The varsity baseball team performs their skit simulating a hit.

“I loved watching the teams celebrate and chant at this year's spring pep rally. It proved their dedication to their selected sports,” senior Udayveer Sekhon said.

Along with the skits, there was a basketball competition in which two volunteers were picked from the crowd to compete in shooting the most baskets.

Source by Kaitlyn Bell

Junior Heather Acosta, athletic director Mr. Maguire and freshman Ryan Donnelly react to the results of the shootout competition.

The spring pep rally is not only enjoyable for the audience, but also has a great impact on athletes as they begin their season.

“As a sophomore on varsity, I definitely went into this season a little nervous,” baseball player Charlie Vasquez said. “However, it was great to have an uplifting pep rally to shake those nerves and remind the players that the rest of the students at NHP support us.”


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