cmd-a delete Yearbook

By it's not delivery... it's lauren digiorno

Sharioot writers have gone undercover in one of the yearbook’s meetings and are astonished with what they have found. In a shocking turn of events, the Lance, NHP’s yearbook staff has decided that there will be no yearbook this year. Many staff members found that the seniors this year were ungrateful for their hard work and dedication that goes into creating such a fabulous yearbook.

But, from a highly secretive interview, we are told that one rogue editor decided to delete all of the files on the editing website and that the “choice” to not have a yearbook and blame it on the seniors was a cover-up.

It is rumored that this was in retaliation for Dr. Yen leaving but the culprit said it was because she saw how overworked the staff was and needed to take action. When asked if we could reveal her identity, Cleo dos Santos proudly agreed.

Source by Lauren DiGregorio

Cleo dos Santos bathes in her mischief with the yearbooks of the past after she deleted the 2022 yearbook.

“I am the photo editor and I hate the yearbook. Maybe one of the biggest mistakes in my high school career was joining the Lance. It was all fun and games until I had to take like 500 photos in one week just for some silly little spreads. Sure, deleting all of my photos and the staff’s work was bold but I want to end my senior year with a bang. And to my fellow seniors and Lance staff… peace out, kiss my camera goodbye,” dos Santos said.

With social media and the Chariot covering all the big moments during the school year… who really needs a yearbook anyway?