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no thoughts br@in emptee

by: ur @ver@ge ili ter@te high skooler

@lso the first letter of the @lph@bet in my keybo@rd doesnt work so #tr@m@tized @nd i will be using this f@shion@ble icon: @.

This is totes gen@nt but i h@ve no clue wh@t this is even @bout: will i use Brobdingn@gi@n words from the inf@mous thes@urus (my fave dinosaur)....duh LOL.. there the bestest words to use “do i know wh@t i @m s@ying”? OFC not

but this is just @ filler right? I me@n is @ny1 re@ding this, if u do re@d it th@n remember i used g@rg@ntu@n words bc i h@ve @ Hercule@n voc@bu@LRY.

perSen@lly this

is kind@ cr@y bc i c@nt reely think of @nyting rite now… like im righting this bc my opiniininns @re v@lid right? Idek but my college resume (@nother foregin word) looking empty like my he@d @t this lider@l moment in time #rightersblok. im **multilingu@l** @nd their4 @ polygot @nd im very knowledg@ble. omg did you know th@t im @droit in computer l@ngu@ges too. SO becUSE Of my opininins @nd @s pl@in @s @ pickst@ff kw@lific@ciones: i w@nt @n editor psicion. But right now

im supposed to be t@lking

@bt the wh@tevr so here it is.

- welcome to yet @nother invigor@ting edition of the sCh@RiOOt news ledder///// hop fully u will <fined>

@ lot of useless infrom@cion cont@ned heer in th@t will m@ke ur job @s the @udeeyence @nd reeders totes ez.

Ion no wh@t else too s@y,

so d@wgs lemme tell u. @s n e body c@n tell, my mind does not reely h@ve @ lot to s@y bc its the no thoughts bri@n emptee kind@ vibez. Is this @ prop to fill some sp@ce @nd sort of look like @ xemplery quote but h@s no re@l qu@lity or relev@nt coherent inform@tion??? Si senor, pero like kw@ntity over kw@litty so sue me ig.

  • Bye typing @ lot of words into this google doc th@t the edit tors have to eddit @nd @ll those isntrucciones like i @m superior to every1 else, this is super ez to edit. In f@ct lemme show u wh@t i he@r in my br@ne rn such @s djhfgknks@l;/, ghjbfndmxs,, @nd my persunul f@ve qwertyuio. @ckchu@lly, these words cn@ be used to form sentences, words, p@r@gr@phs, onomonopeey@s or even @ whole @utobiogr@phy of my life (coming out on @pple books tn).



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