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NHP Student by Day, Party City Owner by Night

By an admiring student (Michayla)

As soon as the clock strikes 3 PM, Patrick Connolly races out of his 9th-period AP Lit class, led by his favorite teacher, Ms. Kaspar, to make his way to his job. Patrick Connolly is the secret owner of Party City, a local NHP establishment that sells all your party needs, including balloons blown by Patrick Connolly himself. Party City relies on him; after all, the name is an homage to his initials (Patrick Connolly, Party City) and he lives there, taking residence in any available empty shelf. Being a student at NHP with limited availability (only after 3 PM on weekdays) and the owner of Party City initially caused Patrick no issues, as long as he made it to work immediately after school with no dilly-dallying. This worked fine for Patrick...until tragedy struck.

Source by Mr. Patrick Connolly's Instagram

Patrick Connolly can ALWAYS be found at Party City; he runs that place!

One day, as Patrick was making it out of the senior parking lot (which should be seniors only, even though many juniors have taken it upon themselves to illegally park there), he was blocked in by a MASSIVE PICKUP TRUCK. Despite his best efforts to maneuver his way out of the senior parking lot, this was a maze Patrick could not escape.

But Patrick was needed at Party City!!!! What should he do????

It's a good thing that as the owner of Party City, Patrick has his own helicopter on speed dial, named the Pat-Choppa-Copta. Within 5 minutes, the Pat-Choppa-Copta made its way to the senior parking lot. As it hovered above the lot, a ladder dropped for Patrick to climb up. He climbed out of the sunroof of his car and into the helicopter. He sped to Party City in the air, making it to his boss' desk by 3:30 PM.

Source by News 12 LI

Patrick Connolly showed such bravery as he was lifted out of the senior parking lot in his helicopter, dangling 1,000 feet above New Hyde Park.

"It was just a crazy experience," NHP senior and Party City Owner Patrick Connolly exclaimed. "It was like my worst nightmare had come true. I needed to get to Party City, but couldn't get there. Thankfully, I am a really important person and my own personal helicopter made it to me so quick. To put it simply, I'm himothy."

"Patrick Connolly is my hero. He is truly living a double life. Seeing him give it his all at Party City helps me put extra oomph into my job at Park Place," admiring senior Fiona O'Reilly said.

What we can all learn from Patrick Connolly is dedication. NHP has never seen a student that is so involved in his education and his work life at the same time. When Patrick gets older, he hopes to make Party City a chain, bringing it nationwide. Well, Pat, NHP believes in you!


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