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Ms. Dolan Takes Charge: New Girls Varsity Lacrosse Coach

By Hedia Ninan

As the spring season kicks off, the girls varsity lacrosse team is under the management of a new head coach: Ms. Dolan. Arriving from Floral Park Memorial High School, Ms. Dolan is taking over a team that is determined to work hard to regain their previous season’s playoff status. 

“Having made the playoffs last year, getting a new coach this year just makes our team want to dominate this season,” junior Eileen O’Shea said.

The players on the team seem excited about this new change, viewing it as a chance for a fresh start. 

“Having a new head coach gave us all a fresh start to an exciting new season. Coach Dolan's coaching style has been a huge success so far this season. She is passionate and always willing to have a helping hand in order to help us improve,” junior Sarah Minelli said.

Source from Alexa Stec

Coach Dolan’s job as a social worker and experience as the girls assistant coach in the previous season has allowed her to understand her players best.

Students believe that Ms. Dolan’s perseverance and hard work have affected the team positively, giving them an environment where they are free to grow for their mistakes. Her passion and dedication have inspired the lacrosse players, leading to a successful start to the season. Coach Dolan’s experience of playing lacrosse in college is predicted to have a strong impact on the players, as she understands both team camaraderie and the sport of lacrosse itself.

“I love having Coach Dolan as our new coach. She makes practice so fun and she is committed to making sure we can keep up with our new conference,” senior captain Alexandra Stec said. “I’m honored to be her captain and I love making scouting reports with her before each game.”

"Coach Dolan brings a wonderful set of qualities as our new varsity girls lacrosse coach! Her hard work sets a strong example for the players, showing them the value of perseverance and effort,” athletic director Mr. Maguire said. “Her positive influence has created a supportive and encouraging environment, helping players feel valued and confident. Overall, I believe the players appreciate Coach Dolan's contributions and are benefitting from her leadership.”

Source from Alexa Stec

Keeping it in the family: Coach Emily Dolan poses with her father, NHP physical education teacher and dean of students Mr. Kevin Dolan, in the NHP gymnasium.

Coach Dolan’s job as a social worker and experience as the girls assistant coach in the previous season has allowed her to understand her players best, helping them persevere through challenges and understand the styles in which they were previously coached.

"I’ve been lucky to know a lot of great coaches at NHP. I think I’ve learned a lot from Ms. McKeough, Ms. Brocking,  Ms. Rizzuti and the other Coach Dolan. It's really helped me this season in taking over a lacrosse team,” Coach Dolan said. “NHP has a lot of great mentors, and I encourage all the kids to look up to them. Our motto is ‘Hold the Rope,’ which means that we’re always here to support each other. If someone’s having a hard time, someone else steps up and tries her hardest to make up for that. My advice to them is to maintain their friendship with each other and to support each other. The wins will come as long as they have good relationships and are trying their hardest.”


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