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Just in Time for Spring: The Revival of NHP's Shack

By Leighton Roliz

After a winter hiatus, The Shack is gearing up for a lively spring revival, ready to serve fresh-made appetizers and packaged bites to students at NHP.  Situated near the football field, The Shack isn’t just a place to grab quick bites–NHP’s students rave about it as their hub for socializing with friends after a long day's work at school.

“The Shack is one of my favorite places to head to after school. Grabbing quick bites before games and practices are so convenient for me to fuel energy,” junior Anna Yang said. “The atmosphere, overall, is such a great place to catch up with friends and just relax after a busy day.”

“When The Shack comes back for the spring, I am going to be so excited because it’s a really nice opportunity to meet new people once trying out the meals the school provides us with,” seventh grader Tiffany Sanassi said.

“My favorite thing about The Shack is the people who volunteer there; they are so nice and always willing to help you,” seventh grader Vraj Shah said.

Source by Areej Zaidi

Ms. Seeto, president of NHP's Dads' Club, cheerfully serves delicacies to NHP's hungry population.

The Shack is operated by NHP's Dads’ Club, with all of the profits returned back to the students in the form of financial assistance. The Dads’ Club sponsors graduating seniors with dozens of scholarships totaling over $10,000. NHP Shack volunteers prepare food after school as they enjoy seeing the students bond with one another.

“I am super excited that The Shack is back open for the spring, looking forward to it being filled with students and enjoying the good weather,” Dads’ Club President Ms. Seeto said. “All proceeds go back to the scholarships for our students at New Hyde Park Memorial. My favorite part of the shack is getting to see all the kids, and getting to know all the students individually and being able to assist in giving back to sports teams, scholarships and any assistance that we can.”

“I love seeing all the kids and interacting with them during sports games,” NHP Shack worker Beth Papa said. “We expect lots of laughter, long lines, and french fries this spring.” 

Every student has their favorite snack from The Shack, but one of the most often purchased items is the fresh-made salty fries for their taste and affordability.

“My go-to order when I come to The Shack are the fries,” junior Oishik Saha said. “They consistently taste really good and are priced at a great value. The saltiness gives way to my built up hunger during the day.”

The Shack will be open through the end of the school year. Through the spring, students will often visit after school hours and during school sports events.


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