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Madness Reigns: Men's NCAA Tournament Predictions and Results

By Aayan Ahmed and Sahir Bhatia

After a series of upsets and exhilarating matchups, the 2024 Men’s March Madness Tournament has come to an end. This tournament was filled with thrillers such as the Texas A&M vs. Houston game, where Texas forced overtime on a last second three-pointer, and upsets such as Oakland vs. Kentucky where the 14-seeded Oakland team took down Kentucky, which was seeded third. From buzzer-beaters to dominant displays, this year's tournament showcased the best of collegiate talent. 

Source by Zahra Mazkur 

From buzzer-beaters to dominant displays, this year's tournament showcased the best of collegiate talent.

Teams like UConn, Purdue, Kentucky and Tennessee were among the favorites to secure high seeds due to their impressive regular season performances and star-studded rosters. Meanwhile, programs like San Diego State aimed to make noise and upset the status quo. 

I've got Purdue going all the way...

Each year, NHP students and faculty alike feverishly fill out their brackets, engaging in friendly rivalries that only March Madness brings. 

“I've got Purdue going all the way; their size and athleticism give them a clear edge over the rest of these teams,” junior Emerson Manueles said.

“Experience matters in March Madness, which is why I’m backing teams like North Carolina State and Duke to make deep runs,” sophomore Jay Shah said.

Among the standout talents expected to dazzle fans were Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard from Kentucky, Donovan Clingan from UConn, Dalton Knecht from Tennessee and Zach Edey from Purdue. These players brought a combination of skill, athleticism and clutch performances that set the stage for unforgettable moments throughout the tournament. 

“Dalton Knecht's scoring prowess is unmatched,” junior Devan Shah said. “He’s a scoring machine and has a love for making big plays when it matters the most.”

From dynamic ball handling to lights out shooting, these players left a mark on the tournament and students at NHP. 

“Watching Rob Dillingham weave through defenders with such finesse was like poetry in motion. He’s a game changer and I can’t wait to see what he does next,” junior Joseph Kim said. 

In the end, it was UConn who emerged victorious, winning by a score of 75 - 60 in their final matchup against Purdue. They won their second consecutive national championship, an accomplishment that had not been done since the University of Florida’s back-to-back titles 17 years ago. The Huskies solidified their place among college basketball's elite. 

As the final buzzer sounded and confetti rained down, fans celebrated another unforgettable chapter in the storied history of March Madness. From the opening tip-off to the crowning of a champion, the tournament delivered on its promise of excitement, drama and pure basketball excellence. 


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