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MK Mannle Ditches The Chariot Staff

By A Bitter Editor

Source by the groupme spammer eic

Mannle reads The Chariot issue from last year.

After five tiring years as The Chariot adviser, Mrs. Mannle has decided to resign indefinitely. The editors have been told she was too busy handling all of her seventh graders this year, but it is rumored that Dr. Yen stole her and her talents to help advise the yearbook staff. A harsh betrayal has left the EICs with broken hearts and the rest of the editors in shambles.

“We’ve been stabbed in the back to be honest. If what they say is true, I could never forgive Dr. Yen for this treachery. We might have to get the seniors to boycott the yearbook distribution until they give us Mrs. Mannle back,” said EIC Saanvi Mirchandani.

What can be seen as some of the worst timing yet, Mrs. Mannle left her position right before layout week. Will The Chariot staff still be able to put out award-winning quality newspapers without their adviser and mentor? The EICs are in search of a new adviser, but it has proven to be difficult to fill such big shoes. The word on the Google Meet is that Mr. Gordon will be taking over as adviser, but the editors are hoping that rumor is truly just a rumor.

“I’ve heard Mr. Gordon still can’t spell words in his anatomy and physiology class even though he's been teaching it for years. I don’t know how a science teacher could end up as our adviser, but either way I’m worried,” said Features editor Greg Marzano.

This school year has already been tough, but The Chariot was still rolling out quality newspapers. If April's edition falls apart, will The Chariot staff blame Dr. Yen? Could this be the start of a war between the yearbook and The Chariot staff?

Source by Oli🅱️ia

PSYCH: Mannle is actually reading the yearbook!!!!


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